Quick Question: What's The Most Confusing Beauty Product Packaging You've Seen?

Like, so confusing you thought it wasn't even a beauty product.
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May 16, 2013
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Yeah, I'm talking about packaging again.

So I was going through some stuff in our beauty "closet" when I came across this:

I don't know if I wasn't wearing my glasses, or if I was just distracted, but I thought to myself, "What genius publicist sent us one of those baby footprint plaster kits?"

Totally not what it is.

It's the Baby Foot Easy Pack. (CONFUSING NAME, for one thing.) They're exfoliating socks for grownups that are somehow infused with lactic acid, glycolic acid, and a bunch of natural extracts to make dead skin cells peel off a few days into wearing them for an hour at a time. And by "wearing" I mean tolerate them being taped to your ankles. Seriously.

Anyway, I would've totally written this off as a non-beauty product had I not taken a second look. Has that ever happened to you?

Today's QQ: What's the most confusing beauty product packaging you've seen?