Beneficial Coconut Skincare Products for People Who Don't Love Coconut Scents

I was thrilled when these coconut beauty products were delightful to my nose—not overpowering, but subtle and refreshing.
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July 27, 2015
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Do you remember the coconut scent circa late '80s/early '90s? It was very tropical, very sweet, but also a bit manufactured a bit plastic-y and contrived. It was a parody of a coconut. Almost as if a Don Draper-esqe ad man smelled an actual coconut and was like, “No, no, no. This will not do, Peggy. This nut doesn’t even smell at all. This is garbage. I can’t envision family vacations and dreams of relaxation. Change the smell.” Then he takes a drag of his cig, slugs some whiskey, and calls it a day, leaving Peggy to do all the work. And thus, the strong, summery scent we attribute to coconuts was created.

But, you guys, I bought a coconut and I smelled it. It smells nothing like what we think coconuts smell like. It hardly smells at all, actually. And I’m going to be completely honest with you all, I like it that way.

I’ve never been a fan of the potent coconut scent we know to be coconut. I’m a summer baby, sure—I love being born a Leo—but, dolls, I do not do well in heat. I have fair skin and burn super-easily, I hate feeling sweat drip down my back WHEN I’M JUST STANDING IN PLACE, and I will break up with a dude if he doesn’t have air conditioning. Contrived tropical scents only seem to heighten my heat angst. So, I was thrilled when these coconut beauty products were delightful to me—not overpowering, but subtle and refreshing.

One Love Organics, Coconut + Salt Mineral Body Lotion, $25

This lotion is formulated with coconut oil, organic aloe, and Atlantic sea salt. There is no additional fragrance in the recipe, and the coverage is lightweight. It’s not a thick or sticky lotion by any means, and doesn’t leave your skin feeling filmy or residue-y, which is perfect for humid summer days.

The lotion has the best smell of being by the ocean; it’s faint and but very present. Like a bookish introvert with a wildly fantastic imagination, the coconut scent is quiet but powerful. And it’s lovely.

Glossier, Coconut Balm dotcom, $12

Love this lip balm. I would scribble this lip balm’s name in a notebook and draw little hearts around it, I crush so hard. The coverage is smooth and ultra-hydrating, with zero trace of sticky thickness.

The coconut scent is faint and natural. It has a refreshing attitude to it, not a heavy, high-noon sun beating down on skin, frying to a crisp summer scent vibe. This coconut smell is like dipping your toes into the ocean water at dusk while a cool breeze passes: hardly overbearing, super-casual and calming.

Skin Actives Coral Nutrient Serum and Coconut Endosperm, $10.50 and $12.50

This serum is legit, you guys. This has zero coconut smell, if much of any smell, to be honest. This product, though, boasts coconut endosperm as one of its main ingredients, and I’m going to sing endosperm praises in just a second; but first let me say coconut endosperm kind of smells like graham crackers in its natural state and looks like brown sugar, but feels like shredded cardboard.

Now, what it does. Coconut endosperm is the life juice of young coconut; this is the liquid in coconuts that provide all the vitals and nutrients for a coconut to mature and create coconut meat. Something amazing about coconut endosperm is that it acts as a potent RNA growth factor for human tissue, which means it aids the productions of good proteins in your body to help with hair, skin, and nails. Baller. It also aids as an anti-inflammatory, so bonus.

Skin Actives sells the Coral Nutrient Serum, which has coconut endosperm as a main ingredient. Or if you like to play beauty chemist, they sell the endosperm alone, and you can add it to any serums or moisturizers you love. My mom and I played chemist and put the coconut endosperm in our own creams.

  • Do you all love coconut smells circa the late 1980s or more into the revamped scent?
  • Do you want to be by the ocean right now?
  • Can we all take a vacation together right now, please?