The $6 Teen Acne Pads That Perfect My Congested Adult Skin

I never thought I’d be using (and loving) a Clearasil product at age 35.
Publish date:
June 11, 2014
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When you hear the brand name Clearasil, what do you think of? Acne, sure, duh; but specifically, teenage acne. Clearasil has never been considered a skincare line for adults, and they know it--they market to teens. Their website is covered in pictures of girls I could’ve birthed in my early 20s.

The acne I had in my teens was a little too much for Clearasil to handle; I had to go to a dermatologist for prescription antibiotics and whatnot. But now, at age 35, there’s a Clearasil product that fulfills my skin’s needs. Oh, the irony!

I rarely get big, noticeable breakouts or cystic zits, but my skin is in a constant state of congestion. By that, I mean even though you may not see any whiteheads, I could squeeze a pore on my chin, jawline or cheeks and probably get some schmutz to come out. Let that picture run on a loop in your mind for a minute or two.

It’s usually not noticeable to anyone but me, even on the rare occasion that a small bump has formed. However, I feel my skin looks its best when this gunk isn’t lingering just below the surface.

That’s where, to my surprise, Clearasil comes in. And I really was surprised. Imagine me gasping like that rich old lady in the Polaner All Fruit commercial.

Speaking of fruit, the Clearasil product I’m talking about is Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Pads.

The 1% salicylic acid is all I need to make my pores clearer; it’s just powerful enough to keep them unclogged, but not so intense that my skin gets dried out. In fact, the formula includes niacinamide (vitamin B3), which has been shown to help skin stay hydrated. There are also extracts of antioxidant-rich raspberry and cranberry, the latter of which has antiseptic characteristics to help keep skin clear.

They seem just like any little, round acne wipe, but the biggest and most appealing difference is the smell. Instead of a harsh yep-this-is-an-acne-product scent, the pads have a genuinely enjoyable fruity fragrance.

I use them twice a day--I actually look forward to it because of the scent--and I’m really happy with the current state of my skin.

Who woulda thunk I’d be using Clearasil in my mid-30s? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to feed my Tomagotchi and make a return at Contempo Casuals.

Any of you using old-school acne pads to help keep your skin clear?