Persa-Gel 10: The Product That Gave Me Blemish-Free Skin

Acne treatment that works for just $7.

The acne “solutions” I’ve sampled over the past 11 years--both prescription and drugstore--have ranged from $10 to $300. Yes, that’s 3-0-0. I know, it makes me want to cry, too. Today, though, my skin is the closest it’s ever been to #flawless, thanks to an acne product that costs a whopping… $6.99.

No, I’m not a salesperson trying to talk you into a scam--just a gal with newly-smooth skin who’s kind of starting to believe in miracles. What is this wonderful product, you ask? Clean & Clear’s Persa-Gel 10 Acne Medication.

My acne history is a long and tumultuous one. At 10, I began to see blemishes and blackheads on my nose and forehead, prompting my mom to drag me to the dermatologist for the first time. After that junk cleared, my cheeks began to flare up, leaving me with a wealth of scars and discoloration. In high school, my forehead was so bad that I looked like a vamp straight from the Hellmouth. I tried antibiotics, retinols, benzoyl peroxides, salicylic acids and even Accutane. Though most of these meds were tried in vain, I had occasional, short-lived periods in which I didn’t resemble a creature from the Buffy-verse.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

1. It clears up existing acne in a flash.

After FINALLY figuring out that all acne ingredients are absolutely not created equal, I realized that salicylic acid only makes my pimple situation worse. So I narrowed my focus to benzoyl peroxide, feeling mostly content with a 2.5 percent concentration of the juice. It kept me sanely at two to three pimples at a time, which was easy enough to conceal. But on a gluttonous trip to Ulta with a pal, I came across Clean & Clear’s epic 10 percent benzoyl peroxide concentration, the highest dosage available. Without a second look, I snapped it up.

The next afternoon, I slathered the stuff on before I took a nap (yup, I’m 85). A few hours of beauty rest later and BAM! My blemishes were half as big and no longer throbbing in pain. Within a week, every single imperfection was gone, from whiteheads to blackheads and even nasty cystic stuff.

2. It keeps new pimples from creeping to the surface.

You know that god-awful feeling of impending pimple doom? Your skin’s a little sore and something just doesn’t feel right, and a day or so later you’ve got yourself a whopper? The worst. In my month-long use of this product, I’ve learned that whenever I have that feeling, I needn’t fret. I pop my Persa-Gel 10 on morning and night, and sometimes spot treat in between, and the little buggers diminish rather than blow up. Phew! Peace of mind.

3. It won’t make skin red, peel-y, or irritated (if used correctly and carefully).

Ten percent benzoyl peroxide really does sound like a lot, but believe me when I say I’m not trying to turn you into some kind of peeling mummy. For real, I’ve used this gel cream twice a day for a month and have experienced no signs of redness or irritation.

That being said, you did just see the long list of acne products I’ve tried in my lifetime--my skin isn’t exactly sensitive to much anymore. On Clean & Clear’s website, the product is described as made for oily, normal, and combination skins, so if you’re on the sensitive side, do tread a little more carefully. I’d start with once every two days, then try once a day, and finally go up to twice a day if needed.

4. Makeup smoothes on easily over it.

In my experience, a lot of acne products make skin feel tight and dry--not exactly the texture conducive to foundation and concealer application. And that weird white residue that sometimes shows up? Yeah, not fun to see through your base. None of these issues have occurred since I started using Persa-Gel 10, even with my most matte foundation. Instead, I find that it makes my makeup go on cleanly and easily, and even keeps oil at bay throughout the day so that my face lasts a little longer.

This stuff is basically the Buffy Summers to your First Evil.

Have you tried this miracle-in-a-tube? Did it work for you? What other products have banned your blemishes to another dimension?

P.S. Aaand my lame '90s television references stop here. Sorry ’bout it.