Chia Seed Oil: Way Better Than Chia Pets

Also better than drinks containing whole chia seeds, because no.
Publish date:
August 12, 2016
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I hope that you wouldn't expect anything less of me than to start this post out with a Chia Pets gif.

Chia seeds are kind of a trendy ingredient these days. They're in green smoothies, protein cookies, health beverages, crunchy salads, and every other recipe found on Pinterest.

However, chia seeds aren't just for your plate — they're also for your face. You might have even noticed an uptick in the amount of products explicitly advertising the ingredient, and it's often added to other products without mention.

Let me first give you a rundown of the skincare benefits of ""cannabis salvia hispanica," aka chia:

  • Chia seeds belong to the mint family.
  • They're super high in omega-3 fatty acids, including alpha-linolenic acid. It's actually better to apply chia seed oil to your face than rubbing salmon on your face (mostly for perceived sanity reasons).
  • It's also a great source of antioxidants.
  • It's excellent for dry or mature skin in particular.

Chia seed oil is a thinner oil that I'd qualify as semi-dry. It certainly absorbs into the skin, but it's better to apply it at night because that absorption process can take some time. Of course, you may find that absorption time varies depending on the other ingredients in the product. In general, though, it's a highly nourishing oil that both provides moisture and prevents moisture loss.

Sunday Riley's cult favorite Luna Sleeping Night Oil contains chia. Though it's qualified as a night oil, I find that it absorbs pretty quickly into the skin. For that reason, I'll sometimes apply it after a morning shower if I have some extra time to get ready. It creates a really glowy finish both with and without makeup on top.

A little goes a long way, especially since it's tinted blue. It's an investment at $105, but if you're in the market for a product like this one, I recommend it.

True Nature is one of my favorite small skincare brands, and my tenured history with their products is a testament to that. The Pacific Pure Radiance Oil, Renew (which has received a new name/package update since I got the pictured bottle) runs $110. Again, it's spendy, but you only need a little, and it's a potently nourishing product.

In addition to chia seed oil, it contains numerous oils your skin will love, including kiwi (also high in omega-3), passion fruit, green tea, avocado, papaya, marula, rosehip and argan. I find it to be the thickest oil of the three here. It's ideal for dry skin and should probably be kept to your evening skincare regimen.

Maya Chia's Supercritical Omega-3 Chia Face Oil is one of the brand's best sellers and costs $60. Maya Chia, as you probably guessed, specializes in products containing chia seed oil. In fact, they own a patent to the "supercritical" process of extracting said oil.

This is the lightest and the most quickly absorbing of the three oils, by far, and smells a little bit like sugared lemons. Chia seed oil is the number-one ingredient in the lineup for this one, making it an excellent choice for purists. The other ingredients in the product are all essential oils.

  • Have you ever tried chia seed oil?
  • Do you have a favorite oil in terms of product ingredients?