Celebrity Facialist Cecilia Wong Inadvertently Gave Me the Best Seasonal Skincare Advice

It's no Flonase, but it'll do.
Publish date:
May 25, 2016

I feel like it's been perpetual London mode in NYC this spring: cloudy all the time, kind of warm, but then indecisively chilly and damp. I'd say it's like Seattle weather, but literally every time I've been to Seattle it's been temperate and sunny. Why can't you be more like your Pacific Northwestern sibling, New York?

But for real, my allergies have made me debilitatingly sneezy and runny and puffy for the past two straight months. I can deal with the runny nose well enough, but my eyes have marshmallowed to twice their size, reddened from the itching and rubbing. Who knew my fragile meatbag body would react in such a volatile manner to the blooming of some flowers? Dick move, nature.

Allergy meds are out of the questions; all of them make me disoriented or drowsy no matter what they say. It's too late for "natural" methods since, if I were to benefit from downing bee pollen like breakfast cereal, that habit should've started way back when. Drat.

So since my allergies seem to only want to party in my face, the next best person to consult would be a facialist.But not just any facialist. The facialist of her eponymous salon, Cecilia Wong, who laid some simple yet effective knowledge on my face while simultaneously touching my face (touch is a serious communication bolsterer).

How could my products possibly betray me?! While I'm a recent convert to eye cream (after being scolded by a different facialist about how I don't use eye cream; no shade to her, but I may still need to Goldilocks the right one), I'd been ping-ponging back and forth with a couple rich eye creams and just stopped using all of them cold turkey.

Miraculously, my eyes were a lot less itchy and puffy when I woke up. I mean, going outside dashed that, but at least I was able to wake up with some respite. I instead just applied an extra bit of my regular moisturizer around my eyes carefully only in the areas where I was really concerned (outer corners and underneath).

The rest of my face around my eyes can still be a bit puffy as well — plus my sinuses are constantly congested. Something that helps me (other than a neti pot) is a good ol' facial massage. Massages physically wring out lymph from your muscles as well as increase circulation, so your blood can work harder about releasing all that puff.

Obviously this feels SO much better when someone else does it (with a jade tool, no less) but at home, it's nice to take five minutes just to oil up and push my face around in little circles before going to bed or as I'm washing my face in the morning. I know it's "working" when my sinuses relax and release that congested feeling high up behind the bridge of my nose.

I'm 50/50 about choosing the homeopathic-related remedy before popping a pill. Generally when it comes to things like allergies which are temporary and won't kill me, if the easy route to relief involves some deal-breaking side-effects, I'm down to DIY.

  • What has helped you most when it comes to puffy allergy face?
  • Have you ever gotten a fancy facial?
  • Wanna see other beauty experts touch my head? Because that's going to happen.