The Sheet Mask You Can Wear Over Makeup (And 5 Others You Can Easily Fit Into Your Schedule)

There's no reason to wait until bedtime to sheet mask anymore.
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April 29, 2016
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I've been trying to sheet masks other than when I'm trying to get snug as a bug to go to sleep, and that means wearing them at weird times.

I've been wondering if wearing sheet masks on a clean face only is a sham. If you can spray all kinds of refreshers and pile 10 layers of product on your face, why can't you pause for a moment, makeup or not, and slap on a little treatment? Sheet masks are perfect for this because you lay them gently over your face, you don't have to brush, smoosh, or otherwise manually disturb your fards like you would with a clay, gel, or cream mask.

While Cooking: DHC Q10 Mask

This new DHC sheet mask is a good buy at 5 bucks a pop. Antioxidant-packed with CoQ10, collagen, hyaluronic acid, a stable and acid-free vitamin C go to work no matter when you wear it, and they're safe for daytime use.

I wore this mask while cooking and because of it's creamy serum formula, it adhered to my face much better the gel-type formulas. I dug the yellow goop it left behind.

For extra credit I wore DHC's Rich Eye Zone Care Pack eye patches. I freaking love these, they make my eye area super-plump, and when you wear them you look like Alicia Silverstone in Batman and Robin. I love to wear these any time of day; they stay on beautifully and can be worn over makeup, and are great for entertaining toddlers.

Best Bath Buddy: 100% Pure Ginseng Collagen Boost Mask

These cost more than a few pennies at 7 bucks each, but f*ck if I've ever had a better bath-time masking experience than this one! I sweat like a mofo in the tub, and I have the opposite problem to my normal mask woes: I get too hot to wear cotton masks! Just under 30 and I'm already plagued with temperature sensitivity!

This yellow gel mask feels cool and stays cool longer than cotton masks, which warm to your body temp, especially in a hot bath. Rocking this hydrogel has a twofold effect with it's 95% aloe water base: treat your face as it soaks up loads of humectant aloe, then when you've had your fill of the cooling mask sesh, drop it in the tub and watch the entire thing dissolve! Now your entire bod gets to soak it all in, nothing is wasted, it's made from mostly aloe gel which now you can infuse into your bath water.

Aside from the really softening and pleasant mask experience, I love that these masks make you look like a human emoji.

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Pre-Makeup Brighten-Up: Eve Lom Brightening Mask

This mask was seriously brightening, but it doesn't have arbutin, hydroquinone, or anything to give pause. It does have an ingredient called Dermapep as well as liquorice extract, in addition to the usual awesome sheet suspects, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Dermapep is described as 20 times more effective on discoloration than kojic acid, but there's quite a few types of this mysterious Dermapep, and no indication of which one is in the mask. Shrug. It works, but I can't analyze why without that magic key info!

Instead of wearing over or after makeup, I wore this mask before makeup to see if I could stand to apply over a goopy face. The mask was a good consistency that dried after a not-offensive period of time. Makeup application was fine! I enjoyed the hell out of it, but these are serious bucks, so you may want to follow suit and use before makeup for a big important event and get your money's worth!

Anytime, Day or Night: Skin Laundry Hydrating Radiance Facial Treatment Mask

These are the greatest! At first I was not very into the price tag ($48 for five), but the ingredients list is staggering — in a good way. Right off the bat you're getting glycerin, niacinamide, and extracts of an actual bushel of vegetables.

But wait, there's more! Snail slime, hyaluronic acid and rice bran round the hell out of this formula. I caught myself loving it and grabbing again and again. These are the types of masks you leave on for an hour and your skin thanks you.

I wore these while cleaning, bobby-pinning to my face for extra security. I didn't expect the mask to act like a dust shield but I guess we don't realize how much dust hits our faces on a daily basis, especially when kicking up dust. My skin felt so damned soft that I had to ration the remaining four masks.

Over Makeup: Erno Laszlo White Marble Sheet Masks

Loving these ones. They cost more than my beloved SK-II sheet masks, but they're completely different in function so they have their own place on the shelf.

Erno Laszlo masks address scarring and discoloration, not just moisture. I happen to be at the tail end of a bad breakout cycle, the ideal time to attack pigmentation. This mask is a brightening powerhouse with stable ascorbyl glucoside — a much more active version of vitamin C that helps brighten better and faster than unbuffered and oxidized C.

Also, there's this stuff called proteoglycan, which I have never before seen in another product. It's found in and between our cells like glue and helps bind collagen and hyaluronic acid to skin cells.

I wore this mask over makeup and it didn't screw it up! After the goo dried I felt like 8/10ths of the goodness I feel from doing a sheet mask on clean skin. Not bad! My makeup even looked passable, and def had that dew. That said, I'd rather use these at night and really harness the power of the Laszlo glow.

So Cheap You Could Wear Every Single Day: My Beauty Diary

These babies come in such a huge variety of formulas that I could make a playlist. Never more than a few bucks each, the only masks cheaper than My Beauty Diary are DIYs. And they work! Seriously, I haven't tried one I didn't like, and the only con I've ever experienced was a fragrance I didn't like in one or two of them.

The best ones are the Royal Birds Nest and my absolute favorite, the Natto variation. Cheap AF and always work perfectly, I need to use one of these in all of the above situations.

Really, really not mad at this post-mask glow, masked over makeup!

There's no reason to wait until bedtime to sheet mask anymore, now that it's not a complete crapshoot to wear them during normal life!

  • What the weirdest situation you've worn a sheet mask in?
  • Have you worn one over makeup before?

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