I Will Throw A Fit If The Body Shop Ever Discontinues Honeymania

I know Hannah mentioned this collection in her recent honey roundup, but it truly deserves its own article because I'm going to marry it.
Publish date:
October 8, 2013
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A few weeks ago, Annie got a delivery from The Body Shop. I didn't think much of it--she'll receive stuff I don't and vice versa. But as she started removing the products from their bag, a wonderful scent wafted over towards my side of the weird curved desk thing we share. It was several products from their new Honeymania collection, and the scent was jealousy.

OK, it was actually wildflowers and honey, but I couldn't hide my envy. I asked Annie if I could get a close-up sniff of the adorable, bee-imprinted hexagon that is the Honeymania Soap, and she handed it over. Then I basically turned into Crispin Glover in Charlie's Angels but with a block of glycerin instead of hair, inhaling its essence like it was my life force/fetish.

"OhmygodIloveit," I said in a raspy exhale like a total creep.

"Want it?" Annie asked casually. I damn near hugged the pretty little imp.

I then proceeded to keep it on my desk for several days, picking it up and smelling sporadically until jealousy washed over anew. I want something else from Honeymania, I thought to myself in TV-inner-monologue-echo voice. I want to smell like this soap all the time.

So I wrote the following email to The Body Shop's PR team: "WTF, you guys? Am I chopped liver? Send me Honeymania stuff, too."

Kidding, y'all. I'm not one of those beauty editors. I told them basically everything I just told you, but more succinctly because PR peeps are too busy to listen to me unsolicitedly ramble via email. Specifically, I asked for the Honeymania Eau de Toilette, because, if it smelled anything like the Honeymania soap, it was going to be my new everyday scent.

Well, it does, and it is.

The fragrance is sweet but light--light enough that you may be surprised how much you like it even if you're someone who doesn't like "sweet" scents. That's because the sweetness comes from the honey undertones, which are balanced by the wildflower overtones; and it's that honey element that makes it all the more appealing to those who may not be into florals.

Honeymania Eau de Toilette contains community fair trade honey from Ethiopia (good news for the beekeepers and wildlife there), as does the soap, and the rest of the collection, which I'm not even going to beg Annie or the PR team for because they are so affordable. The products run from $4 to $20 when they're not on sale, but at the moment I am writing this, THEY ARE ON SALE.

I always get nervous when a line like this launches because I worry that it will one day be discontinued, throwing me off an internal despair cliff. Seriously, Body Shop, I will launch a change.org petition if you ever ax Honeymania. Just in case, though, I'm going to stock up on a few Eau de Toilettes. (And by a few, I mean a enough to fill a doomsday bunker.)

I won't even be mad at you, darling xoVain reader, if you make this your signature scent, too. I mean, Hannah's not mad at me for wearing it even though it's in her repertoire.

(She better not be mad at me--I just gave her some Prada Infusion d'Iris with a matching mint green satin clutch.)