Got $14, $24, $40 or $80? Good, Because One of These Body Oils Will Be Your New Favorite

Douse yourself!
Publish date:
March 11, 2016
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Over the span of my beauty writing career, I've probably touted body oils (and oils in general) on at least a weekly basis. I'm all about creams and lotions, but when it comes down to it, I am a sucker for oils over almost anything else. I love the way they glide onto my skin, and the way my skin soaks them in.

Today I'm covering body oils, specifically, and I've included some awesome finds at every price point.

The Body Shop Organic Italian Olive Beautifying Oil

Here's your no-fuss, super-affordable, gently fragrance body oil option. It's from The Body Shop, naturally, and is a dry oil that's approved for your face, body and even hair. It's ever-so-slightly fragranced, but not like olive oil. Instead, it's a sudsy "I just showered" scent.

The oil absorbs quickly, as a dry oil should, and a little goes a long way. I like to use this one on my hands, in particular, and it makes them feel so, so soft.

Nani Botanicals Lemon + Rose Body Oil

I discovered the Nani Botanicals brand not too long ago and have been having fun with their products ever since. I've tried a couple of things and continue to drool over everything they have in their shop. Don't be surprised if you hear me talk about the brand more in the future.

In any case, their Lemon + Rose Body Oil is, by far, the earthiest and most "organic"-smelling of the bunch. It's got over 10 different natural oils in it, including rose, vanilla and lemon. It smells earthy, as I mentioned, with a gentle waft of rose and a faint hint of citrus. It comes with a pump and dries down somewhere between a dry oil and non-dry oil.

AHAVA Cactus & Pink Pepper Dry Oil Body Mist

I thought this AHAVA Cactus & Pink Pepper Body Oil was going to smell way more spicy and earthy, but it's the exact opposite. This is a juicy, sweet body oil with a slight hint of something peppery. In fact, it almost has a tropical element to it. If you want something fresh, playful and fun for spring and summer, this may be your winner.

Note that this is very much a dry oil, so it absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't leave behind much of a sheen. Instead, your skin feels hydrated and is slightly fragranced, but doesn't retain any of that "I just applied oil" look. The mist applicator makes it very easy to apply.

Aquarian Soul Sunstone & Citrine Radiance Shimmer Body Oil

I've written about this Sunstone & Citrine Radiance Shimmer Body Oil by Aquarian Soul before. Though it looks like it's going to turn you into a bronze statue, it actually leaves behind just the slightest amount of shimmer on your skin. The final effect is a subtle glow and ultra-moisturized skin. I typically wear it on my legs, chest and arms — anywhere that's going to be exposed.

Norell New York Body Oil

This Norell New York Body Oil, sold at Neiman Marcus, is one of those "love at first sight" products. The kind of find you love so much that you can't bear it use it all the time, lest you a) run out too soon or b) make it less special.

I feel like a goddess wearing this stuff, and I cannot tell you how divine it smells. The price tag is spendy at $80, but it comes in a massive 8 oz. serving, and the bottle is pretty enough to keep around even after its contents are spent.

It's the oil version of the Norell New York EDP, which is $150. Perhaps you'll find it a nice alternative to the more expensive perfume. I wear this alone as a subtle fragrance sometimes, but it also layers nicely. This is less of a dry oil and more of a "she looks dewy" body oil.

  • Are you a oil, lotion, or cream loyalist?
  • Have you ever considered switching to oils?