Blotting Paper Is Boring: 3 Smart New Spins On Oil-Absorbing Sheets

Only one of which is actually sheets.

Am I the only one who puts a pack of blotting papers in her bag and then immediately forgets about it? I could be looking at my reflection in a compact and thinking, "Ugh, shiny," and a mental block will prevent me from retrieving the obvious solution that's gathering dust (or, more accurately, pen marks and broken-pill crumbs) at the bottom of my purse.

Maybe it's because, as useful as it is, blotting paper is unremarkable. I mean, if you can use rolling paper or Post-Its instead, it's obviously not a singular sensation (sorry, I was talking about musical theater a lot last night).

It looks like a few beauty brands noticed that blotting paper was boring people to greasy death with its forgettability, because a few new upgrades have emerged. (I like to picture a portly guy with suspenders and a cigar demanding blotting-paper innovation that'll get the broads excited to buy, buy, buy.)

NYX Blemish Control Blotting Paper

More often than not, an oily complexion comes with at least the occasional zit. Therefore, it makes all kinds of sense to infuse blotting sheets with salicylic acid, one of the most reliable acne-clearing ingredients available.

That's exactly what NYX has done with their Blemish Control Blotting Paper. While kaolin clay and titanium dioxide absorb excess oil, salicylic acid is deposited to help keep skin zit-less. And it's a freakin' steal at $6 for 100 sheets.

Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder

I've mentioned this product before: my foundation-free summer would not have been possible without it.

If you're saying, "Marci, I've tried using powder on greasy skin before, and the results were uneven and, frankly, horrifying," I totally understand and I appreciate your flair for the dramatic. But De-Slick Mattifying Powder isn't just some regular ol' powder, nooooo. It's basically blotting paper in powder form.

It contains rice starch (an old-school blotting paper ingredient), and tea tree oil (great for helping to balance oily skin) to tone down shine. But it outperforms basic blotting paper by acting as a beautiful finish for your makeup with its somehow-works-on-everyone slightly lavender tint.

Another way it edges out blotting paper: it comes in a mirrored compact. When's the last time blotting paper did that? (Don't Google it. The answer is never.)

Bioelements Oil Control Mattifier

This jar deserves a special little place on your desk. Or not, because when your coworkers find out about it, they're going to come and put their fingers in it. Keep it in a drawer. A locked drawer.

I was initially very skeptical that a cream could de-grease as well (or better than blotting paper), but I was quickly proven wrong, so I resent Oil Control Mattifier for humiliating me as much as I like it for mattifying me.

The main un-shiner in the formula is Chinese peony--didn't see that coming, didja?--which works with saw palmetto, sesame seed extract and thyme (I love that Simon & Garfunkel song) to give skin a smooth, teensy-pored look. Even your fingertips feel matte after you use it! And yes, you can use it throughout the day; not just before you apply makeup.

I realize it doesn't seem very portable, but so did Biolelements, so they include a cute little travel size jar to keep in your bag and not forget about.

Which of these do you think you'd remember to use most consistently? If you could add a special superpower to blotting papers, what would it be?