Transform Your Lips In 30 Seconds With This Cute Exfoliating Tool

Bliss’s lip scrub is great on its own, but it works wonders when combined with their new battery-powered buffer.
Publish date:
July 15, 2014
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I’ve never been into electronic skincare tools, mostly out of irrational anxiety. I look at a Clarisonic and think, How many days until I drop this thing on the floor and it breaks into a million expensive pieces? Either that, or I’d be the person who electrocutes herself in a freak cleansing accident.

When I saw the new fabulips pout-o-matic lip-perfecting system ($48) from Bliss, however, my curiosity was piqued and I experienced a surge of courage--fueled mostly by desperation on account of perpetually dry, flaky, and rough lips.

That’s not to say you need to be desperate to try pout-o-matic. If anyone knows lip care, it’s Bliss; they’re the only brand I can think of that makes a lip-specific cleanser.

The fabulips sugar lip scrub ($18) that comes with pout-o-matic is a best-seller that works wonderfully on its own, so I was excited to see what it could do when combined with a little battery-powered buffing.

How does it work? First, you put a thin layer of the scrub all over your lips.

Next, you put the polishing head doohickey against your lips, say a prayer if you’re into that kind of thing, and push the power button. For about 30 seconds, you move the tool in a gentle circular motion along your upper and lower lips, including the lip line.

The tip spins around and, because it’s rubbery, is quite soft and comfortable. I wouldn’t say it tickles, unless you have especially ticklish lips, in which case, kissing must be hilarious for you.

After that, you wipe off what’s left of the scrub (on both your lips and the tool) with a damp cloth--or, if you’re me, a wet paper towel because you really need to do laundry.

My lips immediately looked and felt a million times softer. They even seemed rosier. Lipstick goes on smoother and looks smoother after using this, but I actually really like how my bare lips look, which is totally weird for me.

I realize the visible difference is probably pretty subtle to onlookers, especially on camera, but if you could’ve touched my lips before and after, you’d feel a huge difference (and we’d probably start dating). There was so much rough, dead buildup, especially towards the center of my lips, and it’s all gone, in less than a minute. I can see myself using this at least three times a week, and especially right before I’m going to wear a drying, matte lip color.

If you’re not convinced that you need this $48 tool in your life, at the very least, I highly recommend getting the scrub. But your finger doesn’t take a AAA battery, so I just don’t think it’ll do quite as thorough a job.

Would you try this cute little lip buffer? What do you use to exfoliate your lips when they get dry and rough?