How I'm Winning My Battle Against Blackheads

I almost never get zits, but I've been getting blackheads since middle school. Here's how I've learned to deal with them.
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June 21, 2013
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Cue my girl, A.M.

Thank you pore strips, thank you Ziana, thank you disillusionment (about my black heads ever fully going away. I’m fine I with it promise). Thank you magnifying mirrors, thank you Aztec mask, thank you, thank you silence (in my dome when I’m not thinking about my blackheads).

Forreal, though. All of the above mentioned are stellar warriors when it comes to the blackhead battle, but they just aren’t enough. In fact, I’ve never found a product that is quite enough, and I’ve been quite the slut with my product experimentation.

I am lucky enough to have never had an acne problem. I can probably count on one (OK, maybe two) hand(s) how many proper pimples I have had in the last five years. If there is a god, I’m sure he/she bestowed me with this lack of acne for the sole reason of protecting my loved ones. I am not especially pleasant to be around with a big zit on my face.

But while I am lucky enough to not get zits, I am unlucky enough to have blackheads.

I first became aware of the pests back in my Dallas middle school days when I noticed my brother’s girlfriend’s nose was smooth and tight, and mine was bumpy. "Wassup with that?" I thought. That’s when my dalliance with extracting began. It was a game-changer.

At the beginning, I was way too rough and would squeeze so hard and repetitively that I would literally bruise myself. Replacing blackheads with purple splotches on my nose was not the look I was going for. (The one plus from this time in my life is I learned how to conceal picked skin expertly. I can still conceal like nobody’s business. It’s an art.)

As I’ve gotten older, they have expanded in the areas in which they choose to reside on my face space. At 16, it was my nose; 20, nose and chin; 23, nose, chin and cheeks; 26, nose, chin, cheeks and cheekbone area--WTF??!

I mainly only extract nose and chin, because I do more harm than good whenever I tackle the cheeks. The Somme Institute Transport pads have helped exponentially with the pesky cheek ones though.

The trick is to only extract some. Pick the biggest, baddest effers and get them first. Don’t try to get every single one. (I’m convinced there are actually 1,000,000 on my face. No lie.)

The ones on the side of my nose are a plenty, but easy to remove, with little damage being done. It’s the pesky ones on the front of your nose that are the real enemies. I seriously have the same exact spots that they show up in, like even when you squeeze them they never fully go away.

After a picking sesh (nighttime ONLY, never do this during the day, you will be bummed the F out), spray the hell out of your nose (or wherever) with thermal spray and dab dry with a tissue.

If it’s winter and my skin in super dry, I will put on an oil-free moisturizer (like Avene Tolerance Extreme Cream), or in the summer will just raw dog it.

If you are doing it right, there will be little to no redness the next day and your pores will be tight as Kate Hudson’s abs six months after a baby!

Do you get more blackheads than whiteheads? What's your method of dealing with them?