I Took A Supplement To Help My Hair Grow And Got Glowing Skin Instead

My nails have been growing like weeds, too.
Publish date:
April 9, 2014
supplements, BioSil, silica

Long before I was standing on my head to make my hair grow,
I was taking all sorts of vitamins.
Though I’ve tried a number of hair-growth vitamins like MSM (no dice) and
biotin (broke me out), I was most recently testing BioSil.
Not noticing any significant change in hair growth, I discontinued taking it
for several weeks.

About a month after I had quit using my vitamins, however, I noticed
something had changed--not in my hair (which is still, frustratingly, too
short for my liking) but in my skin.

I hadn’t accounted for how good my skin was looking
while I was taking BioSil. But after I stopped, I looked a little more gray and
uneven, and scabs from picked-at spots hung around a lot longer.

While it may be improbable for a vitamin to make a real difference in your hair, I’m a firm
believer that whatever you put in to your body will eventually show up on your
skin. Maybe BioSil was responsible for that in my skin?

So I did a little digging on PubMed (science hayyy). Turns
out the supplement I was taking was a little different from your standard-issue
silica. Most silica supplements consist of actual crushed-up horsetail plant or
its extract, which your body can’t use all that well. BioSil, however, comes in the form
of choline-stabilized orthosilic acid, which studies show to be far more
bioavailable than regular silica.

Basically, your body can absorb way more of this stuff so you’re not literally
flushing it down the toilet.

Once your body can actually use all that orthosilic acid, it
can do its job: strengthening the hair, skin, nails and even joints if you’re
into that sort of thing. (My joints are beautiful, by the way.) Another study
claimed that choline-stabilized orthosilic acid increased skin firmness,
elasticity and hydration, while decreasing skin roughness and brittleness of
the nails and hair.

So duh, I started taking it again.

In the three weeks since
I reinstated my two-capsule-a-day BioSil regimen, I notice that my skin feels a
little more resilient. I can tolerate potent skin treatments better, and when I
pick or scratch at my skin (bad!) the inflammation is much less pronounced, and overall my
skin has been healing a lot faster.

My nails have also been growing like weeds, which I hate,
because I like to keep them short-short, but I hear that long, strong nails are
a thing that ladies generally dig.

Still no good news on the hair front though.
I guess I can’t have it all.

Have you ever found a supplement to have a noticeable effect
on your skin?