Trader Joe's Tea Tree Oil Is My New Favorite Zit Zapper

The $7 buy that keeps my breakouts at bay.

Yesterday I received a spam email with the subject line “5 Best Ways To Eliminate Acne” and a message that politely tried to convince me to click on the links to “learn so much more!” I kind of wanted to click, but then I just deleted it. Then I cleansed my computer by pouring tea tree oil all over it... Kidding!

But really, waking up and looking in the mirror only to find a new pimple is like opening an inbox full of spam. And for really real, tea tree oil has done wonders at clearing up any acne that tries to weasel its way onto my mug.

I use Trader Joe’s brand of 100% tea tree oil. It’s $6.99 (awesome) and it’s convenient for me to walk right over and purchase whenever needed. Let's talk more about just what tea tree oil is and how best to use it.

What Is Tea Tree Oil And Why Is It So Magical?

Tea tree oil is a plant oil that comes from the leaves of the tea tree, or the melaleuca alternifolia tree, which is native to Australia. It was named tea tree by (not kidding) Captain Cook in the 1700s, when he watched the native Australians brew the leaves into tea. (But please do not drink tea tree oil, as it can cause some serious issues and is not recommended.) Tea tree oil is used as an antiseptic and topical antibacterial treatment for skin infections. It has been shown to have similar benefits to benzoyl peroxide in the treating of acne, but without as many side effects.

How To Use It And What To Expect

I use tea tree oil at night after I've cleansed. I pat dry with a clean washcloth and then apply the tea tree oil with a cotton ball to any problem spots/areas, following up with my usual nighttime moisturizer.

Tea tree oil can cause some initial redness and a bit of sting. To counteract this you can dilute the tea tree oil with water, aloe vera, or rose water. The smell can also be polarizing for some people, but I actually enjoy it.

Using tea tree oil regularly has dramatically reduced the lifespan of any pop-up breakouts spamming my face. This tiny bottle doesn’t scare my bank account and it lasts me about two months.

  • Have you used tea tree oil for acne?
  • What’s the weirdest spam email you’ve received?
  • Tell me about all of the good (and bad) Trader Joe's beauty products you've tried!