7 Ways to Mist Yourself (and Your Skin) to a Happier Place

I'm fighting stress with these mood-boosting, skin-hydrating sprays.

I shed so much hair in the shower yesterday that I thought someone put a The Craft-style curse on me as I caught handful after handful of hair that I fight so hard for. Stress is all too real, but sometimes the smallest little thing can change your mood from down-in-the-dumps to the top of the Empire State Building.

For me, aromatherapy is one of those little things; in the form of facial mist, you’re not only boosting your mood, you’re also boosting your skin’s moisture levels.

The cheapest option is the OG pure rosewater, which we have covered time and time again, but I wanted to see what my options are now that so many of these types of sprays on the market.

Under $15

These three sprays are so much more than flower waters. All three have proven hydrators aloe and glycerin and are in the $10 to $15 range, so you get plenty of bang for your buck, the most being from Yes To Cucumbers Cooling Hydrating Mist. It’s aerosol for maximum application power and contains green tea and cucumber extract, and smells softly like cucumber.

For the most acne-treating power, Sibu’s Clarifying toner uses awesome sea buckthorn oil to deliver hydrating omega-7 with algae, sandalwood and barley extract. The priciest per ounce is John Masters Organics, but it's super-potent and moisturizing, and smells like delicious rose.

Under $40

I'm really into June Jacobs' Neroli Hydrating Mist right now. Not only is the zing of neroli really soothing to the senses, but it’s completely full-up with antioxidants, including black, green, and red teas with goji, pomegranate and grapeseed oils. So basically you get a full armor of antioxidant protection with each spritz.

Kora Organics is the literal lovechild of Miranda Kerr, filtered through quartz to give you that woo-woo glow. I like the lavender scent best, but if you have sensitive skin, you may need to skip. Though there’s no absolute scientific case for quartz water, if it’s going to make me feel like I'm divorced from Legolas and FWB to Bieber, I’m game to try it.

Jurlique is a standby brand for me. All of their rose-based products are made from their very own farm, which speaks to my heart. Rosewater Balancing Mist is a standard in my skincare routine, especially if I make my face a little too matte.

Expensive (But Worth It)

Before you sharpen your pitchfork, think of this as a way more affordable route to getting the goodness of an even more expensive product into your life. All of the essences start at $100, but this one is $80 and double-concentrated, so it's a deal in that regard.

I went in to get my "skin age" checked again by SK-II at this year’s pop-up event only to discover that after a year of faithful use, all of the results were dramatically better, and my cumulative effect was four years younger, clocking in at 26! Having skin appearing younger than my 28 years when before the test read three years older was more than enough reason for me to stay down for Pitera.

You can mist this right over your makeup for a supercharged pick-me-up, or use it in place of the regular essences that force you to use your grubby hands to apply. Midday Essence doesn’t provide any aromatherapy benefits, but it’s the finest mist delivery of any spray packaging I have ever used, all while de-stressing my skin.

When things are rough, it may sound silly, but a short blast of hydration really helps me pull it together. As long as it smells yummy or is good for my skin, it’s going to help me roll with the punches.

Photos: Maria Penaloza