I Can't Shut Up About This Line-Eliminating Serum You've Probably Never Heard Of

"Gly-luronic" is a pretty genius portmanteau.
Publish date:
April 4, 2016
anti-aging, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, serum, fine lines, Lip Lines, Bell Evolve

I've found it, y'all. What we've all been searching for all these years. No, not true love. Please, little babes, this is way better. And it's not the perfect burrito place, Instagram lighting, or red-blue lipstick shade either (which I'm still searching for, by the way).

It's the perfect serum.

I've found a serum that legitimately took away fine lines and refined my skin in around two weeks time. This is the only serum you'll ever need, and I found it by accident — also what they say about true love. So, maybe it is that.

Do you ever purse your lips together so much and so often you realize you've zippered fine lines into your face without even knowing you had done so? Just me? Cool cool cool. Well, that's a lip burden I've grown accustomed. I'm a cheek-biter and a nervous lip-chewer. I wish I wasn't, I know it's not a great habit. But it's like hiccups — annoying, but somehow the repetition becomes quickly comforting. You miss the familiarity for a bit when it first ends. The routine comfort is probably why they stick, be it good or bad, but that's a different article for another time.

I know my lip lines don't seem super-noticeable to other people, but they were a bother — like little Coraline stitched lips. Over the past decade or so, my skin has not bounced back like it had done when I was younger, and the fine lines have begun to stick like overdone noodles to kitchen walls. They don't disappear with a good night's rest or a bottle of water. They've begun to hang around, holding on to my every word whether they want to or not (or I want them to or not).

I know they don't make what I do or don't say any less valuable. I know that. I knew they existed and knew how they got there. I would just take careful measures to change my nervous habits. So, I try to de-stress, I try hydrating serums, I try a lot of exfoliating methods, chemical and physical, glycolic and Clarisonic. I use SPF daily and lip moisturizer hourly. I care for and about myself, and all these methods are great. But nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, has gotten rid of them completely.

Which is why I was surprised when one day, after only about two weeks of using the Bell Evolve Gly-Luronic Serum, they were gone. My zipper lip lines were no longer there and just like that, like hiccups like you weren't quite prepared to be over with, were gone. Hu-freakin-zah, you guys!

Without me knowing, without me keeping tabs or tallying or stressing, the lines I had grown so accustomed weren't there. The fine lines around my lips were gone. My skin was even-toned, brighter, smoother, and garnering unsolicited and solicited compliments. The only annoying thing that came out of this purchase was how I could then not shut up about it to anyone and everyone I was chatting up. But you guys! It's SO good. I give it five flame emojis.

It's gentle enough to use every night. It features glycolic acid, aloe vera gel, and sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid): a powerhouse combination of acids and soothers. The mixture is extremely watery, which gave me very little faith in the product itself. I covered my face with two pumps and was instantly greeted with the familiar tingling of the at-home glycolic peels I had done in the past. You know that feeling? A light warming sensation followed by a series of little tingles and pricks. I was fine with this — I recognized it as the glycolic acid. It doesn't last long, and as soon as you put it on your face you have almost as quickly forgotten. I waited a few minutes and then put on my nighttime moisturizer.

I did this routine every night for about two weeks, and when I woke up, washed my face, and I was putting on my moisturizer and notices the lines were no longer were. Fine lip lines, the hiccups of my face, gone. And I kind of still don't believe it.

  • Have you found true love? In serum form, human form, or otherwise form?
  • What products have literally shocked you with their results?
  • Also red blue lipsticks, get at me.