I’m Tempted to Take These Indie Powder Masks with Me Everywhere I Go

So I'm sharing my favorites with you.

I've found myself traveling quite a bit more than usual over the last six months. With that comes the need to get a little creative with my makeup and skincare totes, especially when I'm flying and don't want to have to check a bag (anyone else have luggage separation anxiety?).

During one particularly frustrating night as I packed my bags, I lamented over the fact that many of my skincare products were above the arbitrary 3.4-ounce TSA threshold. I mean, I have mini-sized EDPs, travel-sized shampoo and conditioner, and all my makeup is small enough to work, but skincare products are a different story, face masks included.

In a cinematic display of serendipity, I found, at the bottom of my "mask basket" — literally a basket full of face masks — a tiny jar of powdered mask. I happily threw it into my bag, and that's how this whole powdered face mask kick started. I mean, I'd definitely used them before and appreciated them, but that convenience factor sealed the deal for me.

Powder masks have other benefits, as well:

  • They don't leak, and if they do, they don't ruin EVERYTHING.
  • They keep forever and ever.
  • They smell and feel earthy and fresh
  • They almost never contain preservatives (which aren't necessarily bad, but may cause skin reactions, and it's a nice option for people looking for pure/organic)
  • They make me feel like I'm some sort of mad beauty scientist whipping up concoctions in my bathroom.

Let's talk about some of my favorites.

Don't they look so lovely? I wanted to mix them with some water to show you the texture each produces.

This turns into a really creamy and smooth texture and feels very light on the skin. It's moisturizing and soothing, and the primary ingredients are powdered green tea and white clay. You can even find it at Target, which makes it pretty convenient.

Captain Blankenship Petal Gentle Face Mask

I wasn't expecting this to smell as sweet and lovely as it did. Seriously, the scent alone makes this a treat.

The (all organic) ingredient lineup is heavenly, too: powdered rose petals, powdered hibiscus, French pink clay, chamomile powder, Manuka honey powder and rosehip seed powder. I find the texture slightly grainy, which means it doubles as an exfoliator. It's hydrating and leaves my skin very soft.

Mullein & Sparrow Facial Mask

The little jar this one comes in is so adorable, and it contains a blend of detoxifying, cleansing, and exfoliating clays — kaolin, rhassoul, sea and bentonite — that make my skin feel fresh and soft.

Fig + Yarrow Clay Mask (Black)

I love that Fig + Yarrow has a whole series of clay masks. Though it was hard to choose just one, I opted for the detoxifying black mask, which contains black clay, activated charcoal, and palmarosa essence. I use it during PMS when I'm particularly oily and love to watch the little beads of oil appear on my face as it dries. You should really check out their other clay masks, too. Each serves its own skincare purpose.

LINDSAY Charcoal Modeling Mask

Lindsay is a Korean brand, and true to Korean style, the mask provides a true experience. After you mix it with water and apply it to your face, it turns into a rubber-like texture and peels off easily. I reviewed it in depth here, and the whole process is kind of comical (but fun). Unlike the other masks, this one is a one-time usage dealio.

  • Have I persuaded you to try powder masks yet?
  • Which of the above looks the best for your skin needs?