9 Skincare Products That Work While You Sleep (Or, In My Case, While I Try and Fail to Sleep)

I've made a habit of using products that work overtime when I'm supposed to be getting my rest (even if I don't).

I've always had awful sleeping patterns. I have vivid memories of being annoyed at the fact that I regularly only got about four hours of sleep a night at the tender age of 11. (I also had a crisis about how fast life was going by at 10, but that's another story.)

As a teenager, I was notorious for wandering around the halls of my high school virtually sleepwalking, dazed and confused to the nth degree. A year or so ago I had a sleep study done, which was strange, as it only resulted in them telling me I simply wasn't "good" at sleeping.

Naturally, my seemingly hopeless sleep habits haven't done me any favours in the beauty department. So I've made a habit of using products that work overtime when I'm supposed to be getting my rest (even if I don't). Here are a few of my favorites.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream Synchronized Complex II, Synchronized Recovery Complex II, and Eye Serum Synchronized Complex II

This is the holy trinity of fancy face treatments. I bought my first bottle of Estee's serum years ago, and to this day compare every single serum I use to it. It's like a good ex (is there such a thing?), or the one that got away — you compare every person vying for that position in your heart against the one who really set the gold standard. Being a beauty writer, I constantly change it up and test out new products, but I can tell you they are always competing against this one.

The face serum is a total dream; it soaks in quickly and calms my skin like nothing else. It's perfect for all types of skin, from dry to oily, and it's fragrance-free.

If you're into fancy eye creams and serums, be sure to check out the Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream and Serum. The serum comes in pump form, which I'm a huge fan of, and contains Estée's ChronoluxCB technology, which is meant to counter the effects of pollution, aging and lack of sleep (surprise, surprise). The cream is quite cloudy and glides into the skin with a silky texture.

It's a great three-step routine if you want to feel really fancy using a top notch serum.

Mario Badescu Ceramide Eye Gel

This one isn't labelled "overnight" unlike virtually everything else on this list, but if you want something that soaks in quickly and can be used double-time (toss this baby in the fridge and use it in the morning to de-puff tired eyes), be sure to pick up this insanely vibrant green gel.

It features lecithin, a natural antioxidant derived from soybeans and eggs that's known to help with blotchiness, fine lines and dullness.

Also can we take a moment to just appreciate Mario Badescu in general? I don't think I've ever come across a product I didn't like.

Kiehl's Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate

Another reason to love quinoa! This new release from Kiehl's delivers, and uses quinoa husk extract from discarded quinoa husks, creating a sustainably sourced product you can feel good about.

Incredibly fast absorbing, this liquid gets rid of all the dead, dull skin while avoiding the red, dry, flaky skin I often associate with peels. It gives you results without irritation or the huge price tag of a chemical peel.

Malin & Goetz Lip Moisturizer

There's a reason I talk about this stuff so much. It's my version of screaming from the rooftops, professing my love for this incredible, irreplaceable product in my nightly routine. A tiny bit of this clear balm applied before bed leaves you with the softest lips ever. Perfect palette for the vibrant, matte lipsticks I love so dearly.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Want to know why everyone writes about this? Because it works. It's INCREDIBLE, and I'm not kidding. I've used various forms of retinol (to less-than-desirable results), but with this oil, I get the acne-fighting power from retinol with none of the dryness I've always experienced with retinol (thanks azulene!). It smells great too, very earthy, but not in an offensive or overpowering way.

Unlike most of the oils I use, I found Luna oil to be a bit runnier than I was expecting (it takes special skill to avoid accidentally dropping any on your counter), so be very careful when applying!

Prim Botanicals Potion N°1 and The Face Oil

If you're a fan of bare-bones, natural ingredients that work, you should definitely check out the products from Prim Botanicals. I'm a huge fan of their Potion No.1 and The Face Oil, which are incredibly healing and calming when my face is having a freak out.

I tap on the deep-orange potion on my problem areas (forehead, nose, and around my mouth) and layer on The Face Oil over this. You end up looking like a bit of a carrot, but you'll thank me in the morning when you wake up to supple, healed skin.

The Potion contains black cumin seed oil, tamanu oil and sea buckthorn oil and acts as a bit of a booster when used in combination with The Face Oil. Along with the lovely ingredients found in the potion, The Face Oil includes evening primrose, moringa, and marula oils (among others) and essential oils of lavender and rosemary. It's basically a cluster of every must-have oil in skincare, and works like a charm. I know if I use this the night before, I'm going to wake up to better skin.

  • So now that you've been introduced to my personal favourite overnight beauty treatments, let me in on yours! What do you absolutely swear by?
  • Do you have an item you always splurge on or is your ride-or-die nightly routine budget-friendly?