The CVS Bath Products That Make Me Yearn For A Clawfoot Tub

Budget beauty, bath time edition.

Colder weather is finally here (yay?), and with it, my annual sore throat and cold feet. I want nothing more than to climb into the bathtub with a hot toddy, a good book, and an assortment of luxurious bath products.

Sadly, reality stands in my way. Not only does my budget prevent me from blowing a paycheck on fancy bath bombs, my bathtub doesn’t really deserve it. It’s a tiny, gross tub that nobody would ever want to actually sit in, let alone pepper with pricy bath salts, oils, and other bath time luxuries. So I had resigned myself to a life of showers only. What a depressing existence.

Enter the CVS Essence of Beauty Naturally Indulgent Bath & Body Collection.

The nice thing about this line is that nothing costs more than $10, but the packaging and contents still feel fancy. Plus, you get a ton of product for the price.

The line comes in three scents: Lavender with Rosemary Oil, Eucalyptus with Mint Oil, and Lemon Verbena with Olive Oil. The main scent of each is the lavender, eucalyptus, or lemon, which I found to be very pure smelling, but not overly perfume-y.

My favorites were definitely the lavender and the lemon (which was slightly sweet so as not to smell like a cleaning product), but I’ve never loved eucalyptus so I’m the wrong person to ask there. I will say it was the best eucalyptus scent I’ve ever experienced thus far, for what it’s worth. It was super fresh and clean.

The other nice thing about these products is that they’re made in a way that you can feel good about. Essence of Beauty is cruelty-free and the products in this line contain no parabens or artificial dyes. (You can read the ingredients in full on the CVS website or on the packaging).

When I finally got a break from everyday life to try the lavender products, it was the best hour of my week. I filled up my sad bathtub with the Foaming Bath Soak (which was very frothy and helped improve the appearance of the bathtub times a million), then went to town with the Bar Soap, Sugar Scrub, and Body Butter. The sugar scrub is definitely one of the must-haves from this line (in any scent), because there’s no better way to prevent itchy, dry skin and ingrown hairs this winter.

After my bath, I rubbed the Body Oil over my damp skin to complete the experience. It was possibly the most luxurious product from the line: The bottle is generously sized and the oil absorbs quickly without leaving behind any greasiness. A day later my skin is still soft, silky, and smelling faintly of lavender. I’ve also been using the lavender Hand Cream all week, which has been helping my cuticles a lot. I prefer the lemon hand cream, actually, but my teenage sister already snatched that up for herself, claiming that her dry hands need it more than mine. It’s fine--I’m always happy to introduce people to products that “FREAKING SAVE MY LIFE,” as my sister so eloquently noted.

Let me know if you’ve tried the Essence of Beauty Bath & Body Collection, or if you think you will. It may not actually save your life, but I promise it will save your dry skin (and your sad tub, if you have one) this winter.

Photos by Josh Kirby