This Lush Cream Was the Only Thing that Worked When I Managed to Get Eczema Under My Eye

And now I'm obsessed with the brand. Why did I wait so long to try it?!
Publish date:
May 19, 2016
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I've been pretty lucky when it comes to my skin. It's generally pretty good. It doesn't seem too oily or dry; just normal.

But recently it freaked out on me. I'm not totally sure why, it could be allergies (I just found out that I have a bunch) or a different shampoo I used or a new detergent. It could be one of these, all three, or none of them. Either way, my skin dried out like the desert and became extremely sensitive. I even got eczema under my eye!

Scrambling to find something to soothe it, I tried my regular skincare products. I figured I've been using them forever, so they couldn't make it worse, right? WRONG. They all seemed to irritate my skin further, and by that, I mean it BURNED.

So, for the first time, I turned to Lush's products. I have a friend who has extremely sensitive skin and she swears by it. I figured if they help her, they have to help me! So I basically looked up every product they have that claims to soothe sensitive and dry skin and tested a few of them out.

Here are the products that soothed my skin when it just felt like puffy, flaking, burning redness AKA not a good time.

Dream Cream

While I was looking at their products on the Lush site I came across it and saw that they describe it as having "every ingredient nature makes for soothing sore skin." So basically exactly what I needed.

They further state that "the calming blend of oat milk, lavender and chamomile goes to work soothing sensitive skin. Olive oil and cocoa butter are perfectly suited and incredibly effective for dry or chapped skin, and are especially gentle for even the most sensitive types." After reading that, I was sold. I figured it had to help me. I'd even read reviews that claimed it was recommended for those with eczema.

I've actually been using it as a facial moisturizer even though it's under the hand/body cream category. It smells fresh and floral, but not overly floral. It goes on light and settles in within a few minutes. It doesn't seem to leave a film or anything. It definitely helped a lot, and I can't say enough good things about it now.

Skin Drink

I mean, it just sounds like it'd be awesome for dry skin. I'm not a huge fan of the smell — it smells strongly of sesame oil — but it does make my face feel much more moisturized. I use it when I feel like I need a bit more moisture than my Dream Cream has to offer.

They describe it as "full of nourishing ingredients like moisturizing rose petal extract, fresh avocado and calming aloe vera extract to keep your skin feeling soft and supple," and I have to say I stand by that statement. My skin felt a lot calmer and smoother after using it.

Full of Grace

This little bar looks super weird, but it's a really effective serum!

Full of Grace basically feels like a balm. They describe it as "packed full of hydrating tropical butters, calming chamomile and antioxidant mushroom extract to keep your skin in fantastic condition, all year round." To use it, all you have to do is rub it all over your face. As you do this, a thin layer will melt onto your skin. Then all you have to do is rub it in gently with clean hands.

I basically gave myself a little face massage, making sure to focus on the spots that were super dry. I then left it on for a few hours and then washed it off before I went to sleep. It helped a lot with the stubborn dry spots that just wouldn't seem to go away, regardless of how much I moisturized them.

You can even wear it underneath your moisturizer if you feel like your skin still needs more hydration. It smells kind of like a floral soap to me, but nice and light. I definitely recommend this if you have stubborn dry areas like me.

Now that we've been through the moisturizers that saved me, I figured why not throw in a few extras from Lush that I love, too?

Grease Lightning

Grease Lightning is pretty awesome because it seems to get rid of your pimples, but it doesn't dry the heck out of your skin like some other zit zappers out there. They say "This super effective spot cleansing gel makes easy work of problematic dirt and oil, and a calming blend of organic aloe vera gel and grape juice soothes and calms irritated skin."

Technically, it's a cleanser, but I usually just use it as a spot treatment and dab some on the spot that feels like its going to break out, or is breaking out, and leave it on overnight. It's worked every time so far!

Bubblegum Lip Scrub

I know I can make a concoction of this at home with some sugar and oil, but this one smells like bubblegum. I'm a sucker for candy scents... and this is basically candy. No, seriously. You can lick it off your lips after you use it as a scrub.

I've been using this lately because even though I love my liquid lipsticks, they can dry your lips out a bit. And for any lipsticks to go on nicely, you have to have smooth lips. Add a nice lip balm after you've used this and your lips will be super-soft in no time.

I think it's safe to say I'm pretty in love with Lush now, and I can't wait to try more.

  • What's your favorite Lush product?
  • What do you use to soothe dry sensitive skin? I'm open to recommendations from other brands!