Quick Question: What's Your Favorite Local Beauty Brand?

My favorite Brooklyn brand actually from down south. (And I don't mean Brighton Beach.)

Last month, a guy I matched with on Tinder got weirdly hostile right off the bat.

He responded with a diatribe against bike-riding hipsters who should just get a job and told me "it's fine" that I live in Brooklyn since I have family from here, at which point I blocked him before I had a chance to screenshot what I'd call irrefutable evidence he voted for Romney.

Then I got annoyed with myself for even defending my right to live in Brooklyn. I'm not a more rightful renter than, say, someone who just moved here from down south or Portland or the Fukien province, with or without lenses in their glasses.

I understand why people who don't live in Brooklyn think it's a living, breathing Wes Anderson movie, but there's a lot more to it than stereotypical 20-something "hipsters" in vintage t-shirts covered in fair-trade coffee stains that got there when they spilled it serving it to a customer at the vegan cafe they work at.

My dad grew up in Brownsville as it was evolving from an enclave of Jewish immigrants to the less-than-one-percent-white neighborhood it is today. I live in Park Slope, which has been affectionately deemed a "gayborhood" by people who like portmanteaus thanks to its queer-family-friendly vibe. Coney Island is a haven for performance art that's too weird for even a Lower East Side basement stage.

What I'm saying is, Brooklyn is a lot more than its current pigeonhole, and it's always transforming. And this is true of the independent businesses within it.

There are some amazing indie beauty brands in Brooklyn, many of which make themselves super-easy to find at flea markets like Brooklyn Flea and Artists & Fleas (yes, in Williamsburg). It's there that I came across an ironically (of course--but not on purpose) named Brooklyn company: Southern Hospitality.

The husband and wife behind this brand are totally focused on feet: foot creams, foot powders, foot soaks, and the product that made them my favorite local brand, their Foaming Sugar Scrub.

These handmade scrubs come in a bunch of scents, but I adore the Sweet Almond one, and totally forgive it for spilling sweet almond oil all over my jeans the first time I opened it. (It was the best those jeans have ever smelled.)

The scrub is cleansing and exfoliating, and super-moisturizing, too, thanks to a combination of sugar, the aforementioned sweet almond oil, avocado oil and grapeseed oil.

And the fact that they drop the g on virtually every -ing word and say "y'all" a lot only makes this brand more appealing. (And that's coming from someone who thoroughly opposite-of-enjoyed living in Tallahassee.) I'm definitely glad to have them call Brooklyn home, DAN FROM TINDER.

Quick Question: Where do you live and what's your favorite local beauty brand there?