If Lip Balm and Lip Gloss Got Married, These Lip Oils Would Be Their Super-Moisturizing Babies

Just in time to heal up your chapped winter lips for spring, while still looking super-cute.
Publish date:
April 5, 2016
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I remember really specifically when YSL launched their Volupte Tint-In-Oil line. It was something that, as far as I knew, was pretty unique at the time, and I really wanted one. Or two.

Lip oils are such A Thing now that they are found all over the drugstore and Sephora. Thanks for taking the lead YSL, but now everyone is on the gravy train and I'm ALL ABOUT IT.

I sourced pretty much every lip oil I could find so I could give you all a good overview of the products, just in time to heal up your chapped winter lips for spring, while still looking super-cute.

First, here's a general run-down.

  • All of these lip oils are very glossy. Like, this is not your casual who-knows-if-you-are-really-wearing-something gloss. This is GLOSSY.
  • They do not feel greasy. Because I'm a stickler, I actually tried just smearing some coconut oil on my lips and using that as a lip oil. I don't suggest it.
  • Also, none of these are sticky. Like, if you have hair flying all over the place and it hits your lips, yeah, it will stick, but your lips don't stick together in any way that could freak you (me) out.
  • They all clocked in a wear time of three to four hours in general. But if you are snacking or something, expect a shorter wear time.
  • These differ mostly in price, applicator style, scent, and pigmentation. Like, they go from completely clear to super-pigmented; just take a look at the swatches of every single one of the lip oils I've tried at the end of the article.

First up: the drugstore lip oils, with the least amount of pigmentation, and a silicone tip.

For the ultra-cheapies with a menthol kick seek out the Aquafina Hydrating Lip Oil (the bottled water company — really) or the Yes To Coconut Cooling Lip Oil. Both of these options are clear and will be a handbag staple for anyone who picks them up. I'm not personally a big fan of the cooling sensation, and the Aquafina definitely has way more of it than the Yes To Coconuts, so that is something to keep in mind.

Physicians Formula has a two-fer pack with a golden shade that is nearly clear, and this pink option. The pink option has more color, and the formula for both is menthol-free so it is my choice out of the cheapie, nearly-clear group.

I found the Yes To Coconuts choice the most hydrating of this group; the others seemed to work best as a way to seal in moisture.

The next batch comes equipped with the funkiest applicator of all the options in this article. Both the Milani Moisture Lock Oil Infused Treatment and the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil have this really big, slightly fuzzy, slightly curved applicator that makes it easy to swipe and get your whole lip covered.

This could lead to a sketchy gloss-outside-your-lips situation, but nothing that can't be fixed by sneakily swiping a clean finger around the edge of your lips to catch any potential runners.

These two options are much more pigmented than the previous group but are still pretty subtle. The red option from Clairins has the most pigment, and I've been wearing it the most just because it's so pretty in that 1990s Snow White kind of way.

Both brand choices are lightly hydrating during and after wearing, and smell amazing, by the way — very sweet, but not overpowering, and none of them have a cooling touch.

Now lets get to the most pigment and the highest price. Why did it work out that way? No clue. But first up is the YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil in Peach Me Love.

Admittedly, this is more pinky than a true peach, but let me just freak you out for a minute because this is ALSO A LIP STAIN. I didn't read about the stain part the first go-round, so I was freaking flabbergasted when I put this on and my lips had a lovely stain left over hours after the gloss itself had worn off.

This is the luxury treat that I'm pretty obsessed with because it makes me feel like a fancy lady without feeling like I'm trying too hard or wearing something that isn't ME just because of the brand, which happens more often than I would like.

Also, look at that little weirdo of an applicator. It's a teeny little bent diamond that has a hole in the center that holds a little glob of the oil and lets you get a really precise application. This is hydrating while it was still glossy on the lips, but the hydrating feeling wore off with the gloss.

Last is a little stretch because it's more of a multi-tasker. The Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil in Endless Guava. This is a tube-style of creamy gloss. It's definitely a do-with-a-mirror at the beginning of your day option. Like, you can bring this with you if you want, but if you try to apply without a mirror things could get a little Joker-y.

This is an oil-infused pigmented gloss. It works as both lip oil and a blush, which is great if you're traveling. I found this to be the most hydrating and oily feeling out of the whole group.

So what do you think about lip oils? Have you tried any?