Green Coffee: Get Antioxidants From These Beautifying Beans Before They Become a Latte

It's as potent as most green tea extracts!

The fact that coffee beans are chock full o' caffeine is already more than common knowledge. Many of us are slaves to the joe, myself very much included. I have tried beauty products here and there with coffee or caffeine, but I was wondering when green coffee beans were going to really break through in the beautysphere.

Green coffee beans are raw, unroasted coffee that is pressed for a fatty-acid-rich oil. This oil contains caffeine, but also very high levels of chlorogenic acid and other antioxidants. It's as potent as most green tea extracts.

Green tea is already in nearly everything, but I'm always looking for something new (to me, at least), so green coffee recently landed squarely on my lust list.

Lo and behold, Java’s sexy-smelling body serum rolled to me.

Oh. My. Goodness. This stuff smells like day-old, lived-in Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. Forget the fact that it’s incredibly penetrating for a second—its Siam benzoin extract lends it this barely vanilla but jovial creamy depth. YUM! It’s got lightweight and linoleic rich oils like safflower and argan with a vitamin E shot from sweet almond oil. I use just a few drops and pray that maybe it will bust up my spider veins or something as it sinks all the way in, even under lotion and with oil on top.

In the shower, their soap is extra-creamy and leaves softness behind. I didn’t find it to be drying like some bar soaps can be, and bits of real coffee perfume it perfectly.

Shea Moisture is an xoFavorite for a reason, and their green coffee offering is no slouch. More affordable than the Java goodies at $9.99, Superfruit Complex Body Lotion is all of the goodness we've come to expect from Shea Moisture. Butters of mango, shea and cocoa house the green coffee extract with a plethora of antioxidant and exfoliating fruit extracts like goji berry and raspberry. I’m not crazy about the smell—it’s a bit too sweet for me—but that’s a first from Shea Moisture in my book.

Body lotions and soaps are excellent vehicles for caffeine and antioxidant delivery to that sweet bod of yours, but one place I know I can always use more caffeine besides my gullet is under each eye. I have been on a mission to wake up earlier, a near-impossible feat for a former creature of the night. This is precisely why I need the best eye creams ever in the morning.

Like Wendy, I have one of those silky pillowcases, and it had been helping with that morning-smush-face thing, but my eyes are always puffy in the a.m. Typically, I use Origins Ginzings, but it’s not always rich enough. Right now, I need to bust out the big guns: namely, GloTherapeutics CytoLuxe Eye Cream.

Expensive, yes, but it's pretty much the most uniquely textured eye cream I have ever tried. Aside from green coffee, the formula’s full of rare plant extracts from literal mountaintops and fermented glacial bacteria. It all sounds super-fascinating, but my favorite aspect is the waxy, rich, not-greasy texture that melts into the skin and doesn’t add to crease problems.

If $95 is too steep, 100% Pure makes a delightful eye cream with not only green coffee extract, but roasted coffee extract as well. It smells like vanilla cake and dries down as if it were packed with fancy silicones, but it only has botanical ingredients. Pretty rad for $25! Rosewater, aloe, rosehip seed oil, vitamin C, and quite a few other goodies round it out, and Trista confirms, it’s the good stuff.

  • Have you tried any green coffee beauty products?
  • What's a buzzy ingredient you want to learn more about?

Photos: Darnell Scott