4 Gel-Creams That Intensely Moisturize Without a Gross, Greasy Finish

Since using these, I don’t know if my complexion has looked better at any point in my thirties.
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November 18, 2015
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I can safely say that using gel-creams during the day is giving me all the moisture I need, and I say that as someone who loves dousing her entire body in argan oil. I honestly don’t care about looking like an oil slick during the day, because I love heavy moisturizers, but getting hooked on gel-creams is making me reconsider my former skincare strategies.

The thing is, technology in the beauty world has gotten really good. Being greasy but moisturized versus non-greasy is no longer a debate. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL. There is still a place in my life for oils (usually on my face at night and all over my body any time), but I’ve switched to gel-creams during the day.

And—dare I say it?—I don’t know if my complexion has looked better at any point in my thirties.

Turning 36 this month had me in a tizzy about my skin and contemplating getting Botox (except for the fact that I’m panicked that I’ll be one of the few people that has some weird reaction to it), but now feel like I can call off the devil on my shoulder telling me my skin doesn’t look good.

Here are the moisturizers that are making me feel good about life right now.

Boscia Sake Balm

I have combination-to-dry skin and love this, but I think people with oily skin will really like this formula, too. Out of the following picks, this one leaves my skin with the most matte finish, but not unnaturally matte. Just like, Oh hey my skin looks fresh, but not greasy. No big deal. It has a gelatin-like consistency, and I think I can detect the scent of sake in it.

As a bonus, it promotes exfoliation, so folks like me that might forget to exfoliate on a regular basis would benefit from this.

Dr. Jart Cerimidin Gel Cream

I have a deep love for Dr. Jart products, especially their Cerimidin line. This is the latest product in the collection, and I was nervous it would be disappointing compared to the awesomeness that is their Cerimidin Liquid, but does not disappoint.

It looks a little weird because it has tiny little capsules of ceramides floating around in it, which, upon contact, somehow soak right into the skin. The whole thing sort of creeps me out and makes me happy at the same time. Those little capsules have essential lipids to plump skin, and the gel-cream they’re floating in contains aloe vera juice to keep everything nice and soothed.

I love it for year-round use, but am sure it’s really going to come in handy when Old Man Winter tries to rob me of my beauty.

The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Gel Cream

I have a lot of respect for a moisturizer where the extremely long name says it all, but in case you want more info, let me drop some knowledge on you.

This formula has three potent seed oils: black cumin, rosehip, and camellia. Basically a trifecta of richly nourishing seed oils, thus quenching my thirst for facial oils, but packed in a gel formula so I don’t overdo it and look like an oil slick. Intensely hydrating, the natural ingredients smell great, and it feels lightweight on the skin. It’s as close to perfect as I’ve ever had in a face cream.

Belif The True Cream - Aqua Bomb

I saved this one for last, because while all the formulas on this list are the loves of my life right now, I think this one might be my favorite. I started using this because Sable was singing its praises, and her skin is ridiculously good. It’s actual magic.

This stuff is cooling, but not in an artificial or tingly way—it’s just refreshing. It’s also pretty intensely moisturizing, but it absorbs so quickly into the skin that you don’t feel greasy.

The thing that makes it a winner for me, though, is that I honestly think my pores look smaller since I started using it. I’ve used hundreds, nay, thousands of products that have promised to reduce how big my pores look, but never felt like any actually worked. Not like this product. It’s like one of those situations where you don’t know you’re in a bad relationship until you’re finally in a good one. That’s how this moisturizer feels to me.

  • Are you currently obsessed with any gel-cream moisturizers?
  • Have you tried any of these?
  • What's your preferred moisturizer texture?