This Drugstore Skin Care Line Is Saving My Winter Skin

Indeed Laboratories has everything your skin needs right now (and none of it is over $30).
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December 11, 2014
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I love skin care, especially really good moisturizers, and I can sometimes be a snob about it. I know that oftentimes the drugstore moisturizer is just as good as its expensive counterpart. I just get sucked in by the fancy packaging and claims and end up passing the ugly tubs of drugstore creams with my nose in the air.

That said, this skin care line from Indeed Laboratories (available at Walgreens or has made me rethink my snobbish ways. The line is comprised of six products, from an eye cream to a serum, that range in price from $20 to $30. A little pricier than some of its drugstore counterparts, yes, but completely worth it in my opinion.

I tried out four products from the line: Snoxin, a facial serum, Pepta-Bright, a moisturizing cream-serum, Eysilix, an eye cream, and Nanoblur, an “instant skin perfecting finisher.” Below, they're in order of least to most favorite.

Eysilix ($25 for 0.5 oz.)

This one earned the bottom spot simply because I’m not really one for eye cream. I’m in my early 20s and don’t have a lot of under-eye wrinkles to worry about yet. And I’ve never really had dark circles. I usually just put my regular moisturizer under my eye area and that seems to suffice.

If you are in the market for an affordable eye cream, however, this one is extremely rich and emollient. It absorbs almost immediately and leaves my skin feeling much softer. There is a slight scent but it’s not unpleasant.

Nanoblur ($20 for 1 oz.)

I’m not 100% sure what this product is. It instructs you to wear it either alone after moisturizer, or on top of makeup. I tried it on top of makeup but (possibly because of my dry skin) it had the effect of making my foundation look cake-y.

Alone, I didn’t see much of a difference in my skin. It promises to instantly “blur” the appearance of fine lines and pores, but I’ve never been very interested in that sort of product. I don’t see much of a noticeable difference, so I’d rather just wear a tinted moisturizer (which I would totally buy, if Indeed Laboratories made one).

Snoxin ($30 for 1 oz.)

I love a good serum, especially in the winter, and this one claims to be highly concentrated. It certainly feels extremely rich and hydrating, and it absorbs quickly, although it can leave a slight feeling of stickiness behind. I put it on after cleansing in the morning and night (before moisturizer) and so far it’s really helped to make my skin softer and more hydrated. If you’re in the market for a serum that won’t break the bank, try this one out.

Pepta-Bright ($30 for 1 oz.)

This one intrigued me with its promises to help improve uneven skin tone and promote a “luminous and radiant looking complexion.” When my skin is dull and dry at this point of the year, that’s all I want. I put this on in the morning and night, after cleansing and applying Snoxin, and so far I really like how my skin is looking. It’s still red (none of these products are going to cure my rosacea) and there’s still some dark spots, but overall my complexion does seem brighter and evened out.

Most predictably, it helped a lot with my skin’s dryness. I do like to supplement this with the occasional night cream, but most people could probably use just this all winter long to keep dry skin at bay. It immediately makes skin feel softer, and it absorbs very quickly, allowing you to put your makeup on right after. There is a slight scent that I can notice for a little while after putting it on, but it’s not unpleasant.

Here’s what my bare skin looks like after using the serum, eye cream, and moisturizer regularly--and right after applying Nanoblur.

I would definitely be willing to try out the other two products from the line, Hydraluron (a serum that contains hyaluronic acid) and Retinol Reface (a retinol-based cream). I like that they’ve backed up their products’ claims with impressive ingredients, I like the lack of headache-inducing fragrances, and I like how they feel on my skin. I even like the packaging, which is rare for drugstore products. The opaque tubes are ideal (just say no to creams in jars) and the minimal aesthetic with small pops of color really appeals to me.

  • Will you stop by Walgreens anytime soon to try out some of Indeed Laboratories’ products? If you’ve already tried them, what did you think?
  • Drugstore skin care: are you snob like me? What are your HG skin products on the cheap?

Photos by Joshua Kirby