Oil Blotting Paper Face-Off: 5 Brands, 1 Winner

Publish date:
August 4, 2014
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Blotting papers have come a long way since my junior high days, when everyone used the classic Clean & Clear sheets. Though I myself don't have oily skin, my roommate, Meghan, does. Maybe you remember her, "The Self-Proclaimed Oiliest Woman in the World"?

Meghan says oil blotting sheets simply don't work for her, but I'm skeptical. I figure that with all the options--and there are many--we could find something to suit her needs. So I gathered blotting papers from five different brands and had her try one a day.

Meghan reported back on each of the papers and picked an overall winner. So without further adieu...

FOR SWEAT: Shiseido Sebum & Oil Blotting Papers and Shiseido Sweat & Oil Blotting Papers

Meghan says: "[Shiseido Sebum & Oil Blotting Papers] made me look a lot less shiny. You could tell that it was removing stuff. These make you feel really confident that they’re working because you can FEEL them, but the papers are durable enough that you can’t see [the oil]. The reason you have a blotting paper is because you’re out somewhere, like for drinks or lunch, and if you feel oily you’re going to blot it out somewhere not in the privacy of your own home. I don’t want someone to SEE how oily I am, so I liked these because they didn’t show how the oil accumulated. [Alternatively, Shiseido Sweat & Oil Blotting Papers] SHOW the oil. They’re a workhorse and they do a great job, but I wouldn’t want anyone to see [the used papers afterward]."

SUPER LUXE: Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers

Meghan says: "These are very organic looking and feeling. There’s something exciting about putting something on your face that has flecks of gold in it! They look so beautiful and there’s a little story about the geisha on the packaging, but they didn’t quite work for someone as oily as I am. If you need to use them only occasionally, like for a summer wedding, they would be perfect. It reduces shine for about an hour."

GREEN TEA: Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens

Meghan says: "These are awesome. I used these the most. The paper isn’t plasticky but it isn’t crunchy, so it feels ladylike. The scent is nice and not overwhelming. It feels special, as opposed to, say, a toilet seat cover. The flecks disguise some of the oil you get out of your face. If you left [a used paper] on someone else’s bathroom counter by accident, they wouldn’t be grossed out."

NATURALLY-DERIVED: Tarte Not-So-Slick Oil-Absorbing Blotting Papers

Meghan says: These are really similar to the Boscia papers. I wish that you got more than 50 in the package. I would feel like I needed to ration them instead of using them when necessary, which for me is all the time. They don’t feel like an everyday essential, but they are. It’s nice to feel like you’re splurging on something you can actually use, so I would probably choose a brand with more papers than this one."

COOLING: Sephora Cooling Mint Blotting Papers

Meghan says: "I wanted to like these. I really thought they’d be refreshing and energizing. But it felt like I was using a gum wrapper on my face because of the mint scent. I feel like I could take a gum wrapper out of my purse and it would have the same effect."

THE WINNER: Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens

Meghan says: "I was carried around all of the boxes you gave me, but this is for sure the one I would pick. Luckily I have two boxes!"

Do you use oil blotting papers? Have you tried any of these brands?