Keeping Things Simple — Plus, COTW!

My first beauty purchase of 2016 is probably my favorite drugstore buy ever.
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January 9, 2016
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I don't know about you, but I personally love viewing January as the time for a fresh start. I bought a 2016 calendar (this Twin Peaks calendar from Etsy), decluttered and organized my space, and made a Target run for new pillows and folders and a million other things I don't really need (hey there, cute striped pitcher that will probably remain empty for all time!).

Yeah, I have a Target problem, but that's not what I want to focus on today. While I was there, I decided to stock up on my latest skincare obsession: micellar water.

Previously I've tried Vichy's micellar water as well as Caudalie's micellar water, both of which are very nice but (in my opinion) too pricey for regular inclusion in my bathroom cabinet.

So I've been meaning to pick up the budget-friendly Simple Cleansing Micellar Water, and now I'm so glad I did.

I don't see any big difference between this and $20 micellar water. I HATE washing my face with water and a cleanser, but I love using micellar water to remove makeup or just to cleanse my skin before bed — and this one does the trick.

There's no alcohol or fragrance, so it doesn't dry out or irritate my sensitive skin. In fact, I feel like my skin is more hydrated when I use this instead of water or face wipes.

So yeah, if there's one drugstore beauty product that I'll keep stocking up on in 2016, it's Simple Micellar Water. It keeps my skincare routine fast, easy, and, well... simple (and keeps my skin happy).

Now it's time for Comments of the Week!

1. Like me, "claracat" also sought a new start at Target after New Year's Eve (except I stocked up on new pillows and slippers instead).

Today, I'm going to Target and buying new underwear in bulk. New year, new undies.

2. "ninstwin" is so right about women's health magazines:

i think women's health magazines do have good workout tips/workout routines and nutrition advice... but i wish they would just work on representing HEALTH as opposed to attractiveness. i think it's been made clear by now that being healthy does not mean starving yourself, restricting yourself or even looking like the societal ideal of "sexy". you can be healthy at lots of different sizes - i just wish they would feature more diversity in women, and i also think that it would be a shrewd business move considering magazine sales are still going down. i imagine more women would be willing to buy those magazines if they saw themselves represented in them.

3. "HannahPancakes" just gave me a great reason to drink some Guinness:

My drink of choice, aside from whiskey, is Guinness, which I justify as a health drink because it's so full of iron. Back in the day here in Ireland doctors commonly prescribed a bottle of Guinness a day to people with iron deficiencies!

4. Meanwhile, "Jane" gave me a great reason to eat ice cream (I don't actually own a cleansing balm but this is a good tip for any jar products):

Re: cleansing balm issues: I have this stuff (amazing), and to solve the whole fingers-in-the-jar thing, I went to the ice cream place by my apartment and asked if I could take home a few extra sample spoons with me. So now the little spoons go in to the balm rather than my fingers. Also a solid reason to visit an ice cream parlour?

5. SO many great veggie recipes and tips over here! I agree with "Heyheys," zucchini is awesome:

Zucccchiiiiniii everything! I hated it as a kid but I love it now (go figure). I love making zucchini and caramelized onions quiche, oven baked zucchini patties and cheesy zucchini rice. mmmm.

6. I am totally going to follow this steam facial tip from "KatAGorically" this winter:

I tend to do this when I'm sick- the combined benefit of clearing up my skin (which goes to heck if I get a cold) and the relief to my sinuses is always welcome. My additives are fresh rosemary, eucalyptus, a little lavender, and just a pinch of garlic. Spend 10 minutes after the steam coughing and blowing your nose, and sleep without congestion for the entire night afterwards.

  • What was your first beauty purchase of 2016?
  • Are any of you as obsessed with micellar water as I am? This one in particular?