5 Drugstore Lip Balms For Lip-Biters

Habits ain’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean solutions can’t be.
Publish date:
January 6, 2015
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Kicking bad habits isn’t always easy--let’s be honest, it's never easy. And while most bad habits aren’t pretty, they still become a major coping routine for most of us--a dirty, shameful security blanket.

My bad habit blanket is lip-biting. I chew on my bottom lip and the inside of my cheeks when I’m nervous, anxious, over-caffeinated, or stressed. But I’m kicking the habit with the help of drugstore lip balms.

Depending on what balm you use, you can get varying levels of slickness across your lips, which effectively bite-blocks your teeth from getting any lip grip. You can also use balm formulas that have an off-putting taste.

Due to the amount of lip balms I go through in order to keep a constant level of slickness and moisture on my lips, I opt for the drugstore route. Here’s a roundup of the drugstore balms that are saving my lips from being chew toys.

The Star: Blistex Deep Renewal, $2.99

This balm is great for everyday wear. It glides on smooth and easy and gives full coverage along with a glistening coat. It provides consistent lip protection throughout the day. The formula achieves a silky feeling that melds with your lips, never sinking into and drying out your lips. It sits on your pout kind of like buttercream frosting sits on a cake. This deters your teeth from getting any grip on dry, chapped lips.

The Understudy: eos Visibly Soft Lip Balm, $3.99

If Blistex is the buttercream frosting, EOS is the bundt cake glaze. This is a good backup balm to have just in case. I like to keep this balm at home, since the orb shape isn’t always conducive to every purse. While the formula has the same slick glide as the Blistex, this balm doesn’t leave the same silky coating. I need to apply more of it more often to get the consistent hydration needed.

The Dreamgirls: Vaseline ($1.79) + NIVEA Lip Butter ($3.79)

These two are my nighttime gals. The coverage is very thick and noticeably slicker; your teeth will never get through these layers. The Vaseline is much thicker than the Nivea Lip Butter, but both give great coverage--like a latex bodysuit for lips.

The Prettiest Poison: Banana Boat Sunscreen Lip Balm, $1.99

Here’s another entry for the Lip Balm for Lip-Biters playbook. Find a lip balm that tastes bad to you and wear it ALL the time. Or at least just when you are feeling like you may be going through a super bad biting phase and condition yourself to find lip biting very distasteful--literally. Por moi, the SPF formula in Banana Boat is not a palate pleaser. This tactic isn’t fun, dolls, but it certainly does the trick.

  • What's the bad habit you wish you could kick to the curb?
  • Where my fellow lip-biters at?! What do you all do to make the urge subside?
  • What are your superstar balms?