4 Next-Level Bath Products That Smell Like Winter & Feel Like Heaven

Do you do bath cocktail hour in your house?
Publish date:
November 5, 2014
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I'm at my most glamorous and comfortable state when I'm in a hot bath. And right now, as the air chills and the days get unbearably short, all I want to do is run the hot water and indulge.

While I’m no stranger to elaborate bathing routines, I fully believe that an amazing, next-level bath can be had with some surprisingly simple combinations. Here are two bath cocktails using only two products that are keeping me warm.

The Snickerdoodle Experience

This bath is like all the holiday treats you’re planning on devouring this year--in liquid form. I love to plunk a good bath bomb in the tub, so I look forward to LUSH’s holiday offerings. One they bring out annually is the Cinders Bath Bomb. It smells like cinnamon candy and makes cool snap-crackle-popping sounds in the tub. This bomb also has almond oil to moisturize your skin, and unlike many bath bombs I’ve tried, there are no annoying floaty bits to clean out of the tub afterward.

I like to add a little sweetness to the spicy cinnamon with Laura Mercier Crème Brulee Honey Bath. This is a luxury bath product, for sure, but I’m going all-out for an Oprah-style bathing experience here. This bubble bath comes in a glass jar with the cutest little honey dipper. As you drip in the liquid, piles of soft, vanilla-caramel-smelling bubbles form.

The combination of the two scents is out-of-this-world delicious. If you’ve ever dreamed of bathing in snickerdoodle cookie dough, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE.

Forest Glamping In Your Tub

This bath is for the part of you that digs escaping to rustic locations, tromping over pine needles and being out of wifi-range. But it's also for the part of you that doesn’t really do outdoors, because we’re not leaving the comfort of our own apartments, here. To set the scene, I grab a packet of Aura Cacia Mineral Bath Salts in Warming Balsam Fir. This line of bath salts is one of my favorites because they’re relatively cheap and the blend of salts leaves my skin insanely soft and smooth. I’ve never had my skin feel healthier without applying any lotion or oil than after using these salts. I’ve tried almost every scent, but my favorite is Balsam Fir, a blend of balsam, eucalyptus, juniper, and ginger essential oils that screams “remote cabin in the woods.”

To take things from camping to glamping, I add in a tablespoon of Caudalie Divine Oil. I will never stop raving about the scent of this stuff. The fresh, woodsy fragrance (mainly cedar) complements the salts with a bit of pepper and a hit of grapefruit that smells sooooo luxurious. It’s a bit pricey at full size, but you can usually find minis in that Sephora aisle-of-death for only nine bucks.

  • All right, homies, my tub is calling. See you next spring. In the meantime, tell me in comments: Has bathtime weather set in where you live yet?
  • What are your favorite bath product combinations?