Quick Question: Do You Ever Buy Skincare Products From The Doctor?

Not prescription stuff like Retin-A; the not-quite-prescription-level stuff that only doctors are supposed to sell, but shady websites sell it anyway.
Publish date:
March 29, 2013
Quick Question, shopping, dermatologists, plastic surgeons

There's an increasing number of brands being sold exclusively by dermatologists and plastic surgeons these days. And by "exclusively," I mean some sneaky websites find loopholes and become "associated" with a doctor and sell them online even though the brands and rule-following doctors and websites don't like that, but whatever.

One of those brands is Pro+Therapy MD, Kinerase's younger, stronger sister. If you go to their official website, you can search for doctors who sell it in their offices. But if you Google their products, you'll find websites selling it. What's up with that?! (That's not the Quick Question.)

The Quick Question IS: Do you ever buy your skincare products from the doctor? Optional second question: Have you ever bought a product that's supposed to be sold at a doctor's office through a website that is definitely not a doctor's office?