I Gave My Auto-Mechanic Dad Beauty Products for His Birthday

As much as my dad likes to pretend he doesn’t enjoy using fancy products, he’ll definitely be using these.

My dad is the ultimate dude. He loves football (and any “manly” sport, really), any type of BBQ’d meat, and is a full-fledged auto mechanic. You know Detroit Rock City? He was that guy. They literally filmed it at his high school mimicking the era he lived in. Apparently, he was a big, sketchy-lookin’ wallflower.

I’m not really into sports, but I did want to become a mechanic thanks to my dad. I was good at fixing cars, but I also have a low tolerance for misogynists, so I nixed that plan right after acing auto class in high school.

These days, I’m knee-deep in the beauty industry, so I decided to meet my dad in the middle and got him some awesome dude-friendly products for his 54th birthday.

Dollar Shave Club

My parents are your typical anti-interne, afraid-to-buy-anything-online folks, so I took that obstacle out of the way and bought my dad a subscription to Dollar Shave Club. I think he’s pretty impressed with the no-BS packaging and awesome razors already. I also managed to have it addressed to “Old Man.” You’re welcome for the laugh, dad.

Portland General Store

Victory Moisturizer SPF 15

Do you love amber bottles as much as I do? This one features a pump to dispense the impressive ingredients hiding in it, which means they won’t get contaminated and are as protected from the elements as they can be.

And before you get started, I know, SPF15 isn’t much, but it’s something. I know for a fact that my dad doesn’t wear any sort of sun protection, so sneaking in even the teeniest amount in his moisturizer is a huge win.

Otherwise, this moisturizer kind of incredible. With ingredients like aloe vera leaf juice, spirulina extract, black willowbark extract, and neem oil, it’s nothing to scoff at. (It’s vegan, too, but don’t tell him that.)

Organic Cologne Sampler

Buying someone fragrance is generally a bad idea, especially if you have no idea what they like to wear. What if THEY don’t even know what they like to wear? Well, a sampler is the way to go.

I snapped up some awesome cologne samples from Portland General Store. Vials labeled with scents like Farmers, Whiskey, and Professor will have even the manliest of men taking a second look at what this company has to offer. I can’t wait to find out which is his favourite!

Fig + Yarrow

Cleansing Nectar

Fig + Yarrow’s ingredients are always top-notch and accompanied by seriously flawless package design. I picked their cleansing nectar for my dad because it has it all: manuka honey, lavender water, dead sea salt, apple cider vinegar, aloe leaf water, willowbark extract, green tea extract, licorice root extract, and essential oils of rosemary, lavender, chamomile, rockrose, clary sage, and rosewood. Oh, and it has a pH of 4.5. Like, how even!? My biggest question was WHY AM I NOT USING THIS ALREADY ALSO?!

Baxter of California

Under Eye Complex

This little tube packs a punch, smoothing and toning the skin around the eyes with regular use. It comes in the form of a cloudy, white cream, which spreads easily and is fragrance-free. Infused with jojoba seed oil, grape seed extract, rose hip oil, seaweed extract and caffeine, it’s sure to make an improvement on any often-neglected skin.

Night Cream AHA

I will scream from the rooftops about how much I appreciate pump or tube packaging. Which is why I was beyond stoked to see that Baxter of California’s Night Cream AHA comes in a giant, beautiful tube. This thick, slightly green cream features alpha-hydroxy acid that gently exfoliates away years of damage. I told my dad to apply this on his face and neck right after cleansing, before going to bed where it works its magic.

This night cream is suuuuuper hydrating, and I know my dad is going to appreciate this most after his long hours working outside in the winter.

Exfoliating Body Bar

Dudes love bar soap. I don’t know why they’re so iffy about shower poufs, but here we are.

Lucky for my dad (and any manly man in your life), bar soap is sort of “in” right now. Everywhere you look, meticulously designed bars of artisanal soap are waiting for you. I decided to go with a brand I know only offers the best, and handed my dad Baxter of California’s Exfoliating Body Bar.

This green bar is hefty, and speckled with tiny bits of pumice, jojoba meal, and crushed olive seed to help slough away dirt and rough skin. If you’ve ever seen a working man’s hands, you know they need it. This bar also smells like DUDE in every way and doesn’t strip the skin of moisture. With notes of cedarwood and oakmoss, no man you hand this to will toss it back saying it’s too "girly."

I know as much as my dad likes to pretend he doesn’t enjoy treating himself to fancy products, he’ll be using these.

  • Have you ever bought a guy beauty products? What’d you get him?
  • These products are awesome for men and women alike—what would YOU try first?