Quick Question: Have You Ever Given Your Dad 'Beauty' Products For Father's Day?

You know--aftershave, hair gel, etc. Or hell, I dunno, maybe your dad likes lipstick.
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June 14, 2013
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My father has more or less insisted that I don't buy him Father's Day gifts for most of my adulthood. It's not that he's opposed to receiving gifts or has some kind of eff-Hallmark-invented-holidays agenda. He just wants me to put every cent I don't spend on rent, utilities and food into an IRA.

I've been a beauty editor for the better part of a decade, though, which means I've received a whole lotta product, some of which has been for dudes. That has allowed me to give my dad Father's Day gifts without spending money. YAY!… I think?

Honestly, I have no idea if he's used some of the things I've given him. I gave him some ClarinsMen stuff once, which prompted what sounded like a sincere thank-you but looked like a WTF expression.

The only time he's ever actually asked me for "beauty products" was when he was going through radiation for throat cancer (from HPV--high five, Michael Douglas!), and he was sick of the dryness. But he got really picky about textures--the man hates ointments. It's like watching a cat tap its foot into a full bathtub.

He's not getting anything right on Father's Day this year because I'm seeing him next month when my sister gets married to the Irish-Italian firefighter of her dreams (thus proving we don't necessarily marry men who are similar to our fathers). I'll probably bring him some products then.

But I have an alternative theory for why he doesn't want me to buy him gifts on Father's Day. I think he's the happiest father he can be not when he gets a present or even when he get a call on Father's Day. He's happiest knowing that I'm doing well and as close to happy as my brain lets me get. And considering I finally have nothing short of my dream job, I'm pretty sure that'll make for a happy Father's Day this year.

That was a mushy and roundabout way to get to today's Quick Question: Have you ever gotten your dad any "beauty" products for Father's Day?