OPEN THREAD: What's On Your Beauty To-Do List?

There are so many products I've been meaning to try!

This statement will inevitably be interpreted as a humblebrag, but here goes: I have way too many beauty products in my apartment.

It's part of the job, really. Any beauty editor will tell you that lots of products, requested and unsolicited, arrive both at home and the office; and the ones that come to the office often end up getting dragged home, considering so many are best tested in the privacy of one's bathroom. (No one—especially me—wants me testing a hair mask in one of the office sinks.)

The result of this constant—and, admittedly, fun—influx is a backlog. I actually went to IKEA recently just to find a piece of furniture that will hold my products in an attractive "oh, did I just step into an adorable independent beauty boutique?" way. (Because plastic dorm-style chests just aren't cutting it anymore.)

Sometimes I get overwhelmed and have no idea what to try next, and I'll go days—days!—without opening a sealed jar or twisting up a brand-new lipstick. So I've created a to-do list of seven products (one for every day of the coming week) that need to graduate from sitting in a box in my apartment to getting tried—ASAP!

Givenchy Brume Bonne Mine Powder Spray

I don't know if I'll ever come around to using airbrush foundation, but sprayable powder? I could be convinced.

At first glance, this Givenchy Powder Spray doesn't seem to indicate that it's a bronzer, but apparently it leaves a mist of mother-of-pearl pigments that create a slightly tan veil. Innnnteresting...

But more than the idea of spraying a bronzing powder on my face, what really got this product on my high-priority list is the fact that Brume Bonne Mine means "good-looking spray" in French.

Sol de Janeiro Samba 2-Step Foot Fetish Care

Speaking of intriguing product names, this two-part treatment employs a footboard (not pictured) and a cupuaçu butter-based cream that promises not to make you go headlong into the floor even if you go barefoot after application.

Fun fact: Although it claims to be "from the land where pretty feet are as important as pretty hands"—Brazil—the cream is made in the USA and the footboard is made in China. Meh?

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer

There are actually 10 different versions of this primer; each one has a different purpose ranging from mattifying to hydration to redness reduction. The one I decided to try—first, at least—is the Smoothing Primer. My pores are currently in a battle with my fine lines for who's the most noticeable, and that's exactly what this formula addresses.

Yes to Grapefruit Correct & Repair Pore Perfect Night Treatment

Because my aforementioned pores are being jerks, I'm going to switch away from a super-moisturizing night cream and try this lightweight formula with vitamin C and tea tree oil, instead. I'm hoping it'll help keep my skin a little clearer and brighten the dullness and dark spots left behind by some recent breakouts.

The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ

Sara Happ's lip scrubs have been around for years, but I only just recently got my hands on one—finally! Seriously, I'd been requesting it forever. I started wondering if Sara didn't like me. And she may, for all I know—I'll let you know if my lips fall off after I try it.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cube

This was available in the US a few months ago, but it's apparently only a UK product now, which is a huge bummer for Americans who are not me. I love the stick format, which is perfect for delivering the cooling moisture it promises.

eSalon On The Bright Side Color Illuminating Shine Spray

I'm always looking for an awesome finishing product, and I have high hopes for this one. In addition to smoothing dried hair without making it feel like you got slimed, its key benefit is keeping color looking glossy. That's especially important to me right now because, when this Open Thread goes up, I'll be in the salon getting an experimental new color. (Eeeeeeee, suspense!)

  • What beauty products are on your to-do list?
  • Which of these do you want me to give a full review of?
  • Am I too old for green hair? (Rhetorical question—no one is!)
  • What else is on your mind this weekend?