This Is the One Beauty Gift My No-Frills Dad Will Want for Father’s Day

I can only buy Lowe’s gift cards for so long.
Publish date:
June 10, 2016
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My dad is notoriously hard to buy gifts for. He doesn’t talk much about things that he wants, and he doesn’t really care for your typical “dad” gifts. I’ve tried wallets to replace the one hanging on by a thread (“that’s what duct tape’s for”) and various other gifts, but eventually, I resign myself to the fact that the only thing that my dad would actually use is a Lowe’s or Home Depot card. (Though I also recently introduced him to the wonderful world of Chipotle, so yay me for options.)

When I see gift guides for dudes full of skincare, cologne, etc. I always laugh because when my mom and him first got married there were only two “beauty” items that my dad had in his arsenal: Speed Stick deodorant and Irish Spring soap. Since then (almost 21 years) only one thing has been added to his collection by way of mom.

My mom used to sell Avon, so we always had an assortment of goodies to play with in the house. My dad has done remodeling/construction work for pretty much as long as I’ve known him, so he is often exposed to the elements. One thing my dad can’t stand is to have a dry face, but his facial skin is hyper-sensitive; he can’t even wear sunscreen because it actually makes him burn terribly.

Once they got married he started using the Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Extra Strength Cream both as a body and facial moisturizer, and now he alternates between the lotion and the cream version.

If I asked my dad to describe the cream and what he likes about it, the answer undoubtedly would be, “Uh, hello, It’s lotion and it works, stuck-on." (Stuck-on is shorthand for "stuck on stupid," which is my dad’s favorite term of endearment.) That reason is obviously of no use here (love you, dad) but luckily, I’ve used it as well so I can give you my take.

The cream is a very thick texture and reminds me a lot of Pond’s Cold Cream in that respect. I could/would never in my life put this on my face (hello, zit city) but I could see where it would be soothing in that area if you have extremely dry skin.

I personally use it on my legs and feet, which are prone to dryness, and it absorbs well in those areas. I will say in areas that aren’t as dry it can feel a bit greasy, but otherwise it’s very hydrating.

My dad goes through bottles of this stuff like it’s his job, so I’m happy to have an option other than gift cards to gift him for Father’s Day next weekend.

  • Is your dad “no muss, no fuss” like mine?
  • Are there any “beauty” items that he uses regularly?