Two Ways to Use Beard Oil That Don’t Involve Actual Beards

Things are about to get personal...
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May 24, 2016
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I have a fondness for using beauty products/tools for things other than their intended use. Playing around with different uses for products has made it possible for me to make use of things that I previously would have thought weren’t for me.

Case in point: beard oil.

I’ve been pretty intrigued by beard oil for some time now, but I didn’t think I’d get to check it out since I don’t actually have a beard (that is, if you don’t count those stubborn little chin whiskers that are somehow only detectable in the car mirror when I'm on your way somewhere important). Fortunately, I’m not a quitter, so I found a couple of uses for beard oil that the beardless amongst us can enjoy.

Armpit shaving

Not everyone likes to remove their underarm hair, and I go back and forth on that, to be honest. I like shaving because I feel like it cuts down my underarm odor a bit; sometimes I just can’t be bothered, or my armpits feel a bit sensitive, so I’ll skip shaving.

When I do shave, however, I like to use some kind of moisturizing agent like lotion or oil because I think it helps with the sensitivity issue. I’ve used a few different oils, but I’ve really come to love Beardbrand Beard Oil for this purpose.

I specifically love the Lumber Yard variety because it has a nice, but not overpowering cedar scent, and I love anything woodsy. The oil is not as thick as some of my other oils, so I feel like it doesn’t gunk up my razor as much. I also really love how smooth and calm my skin feels afterwards.

Taking care of the hair down there

If you’re not comfortable hearing about pubic hair you’re going to want to move on now because ish is about to get real for a second

Still here? OK, let’s get personal.

As with armpit hair, some people choose to remove their pubic hair while some people choose to let it do its thing; I fall into the latter camp. As such, I like to take extra time making sure everything is clean and well taken care of.

I started noticing that my skin in that area was feeling a bit dry, so I started using oils (after a patch test) to combat the dryness. I mean, skin is skin, right? Why not take care of the skin down there?

I started using beard oil for this purpose because I thought, while I’m at it, I might as well give the hair in that area a little extra attention as well, and I think it does an excellent job of keeping things well-conditioned (full disclosure: I also condition my pubes for good measure).

I still like to use Lumber Yard for that (I told you I’m obsessed with woodsy scents), but Beardbrand also has an unscented oil called Blank Slate if your skin is sensitive to fragrance.

  • Do you ever shave using oil?
  • Have you used beard oil for any other purposes?
  • Do you take any extra steps to maintain *ahem* your downstairs area? I feel like we're closer now.