Summer In A Box: The Frickin' Cute Kit That Brings The Beach To Your Bathroom

My Summer of Beach Beauty continues with this lovely gift set of products that will transport you to a tropical destination.
Publish date:
July 12, 2013
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There are few things in the beauty world that I enjoy more than a well-curated kit. Frequently, they're composed of a brand's bestsellers, or, if the people behind the brand are wonderful little smartypants, they create kits and gift sets with perfectly executed themes that beckon to people like myself, who want to live streamlined and beautiful lives that aren't defined by months or seasons but rather "vibes" and "moods," man.

The Lush Beach Box is a combination of the former and the latter, a mix of the brand's top products with a wonderfully beachy feel.

Housed in an adorable beach-cabana-esque box, it contains five products meant for your hair and your skin, all with the intention of making you feel like a fresh, zesty, sexy little mermaid. Rather than rely on the summertime trope of piña colada-esque and sickly sweet scents that might attract horseflies and mosquitoes, the products are all super citrus-y, with hints of light summer florals and crisp sea salt.

For the skin, you receive a generous slab of their Sea Vegetable Soap, which is an ocean-y delight of lime juice, lavender, seaweed and sea salt. It gets you nice and clean with just the gentlest bit of scrubbiness from the last two ingredients. For extra-exfoliation, a sweet little pot of Ocean Salt Cleanser is included; it's a sea salt cleanser with avocado and coconut mixed in so that it's gentle enough to scrub even your face skin with.

While you're in the shower, lather up with the Seanik Solid Shampoo Bar, which transports nicely in a beach bag for the weekend. (No spilling! Just throw it in a travel soap tray or one of Lush's Shampoo Bar Tins.) It may seem little, but the shampoo bars pack a seriously awesome cleansing punch, and I've never been disappointed with any of the ones I've tried. This one in particular has various seaweeds to soften, and sea salt, which is proven to volumize limp-noodle hair.

After you've gotten nice and clean, hop out and slather on some of the included Dream Cream, a super-popular and super-soothing lotion that has proven helpful for people with skin issues such as eczema or extreme sensitivity.

The final product is my favourite: the Sea Spray Hair Mist. I love a good salt spray, and this one smells heavenly, thanks to the combination of neroli and orange flower oils thrown into the mix. As a matter of fact, the scent reminds me a lot of the Demeter Suntan Lotion spray that I wrote about in my Summer of Beach Beauty article.

The best part about this kit is that it's only $29.95. Oh, and the product portions are generous. And everything smells nice. And it's all perfect for throwing in your bag if you're going away for a few days. And basically, you'll be beautiful and clean and smell good, and isn't that all anyone really wants in life?