Be Like Jane: Mila Moursi Cult Skincare GIVEAWAY!

**Duh** she goes to super luxe skincare experts with their own eponymous line of products.
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July 23, 2013
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Jane plays it pretty cool for being a freaking media mogul. I mean, she shows up for work fresh out of yoga class or circus class or whatever she does, wearing RASPBERRY dELIA*S CORDUROYS via 1998, totally makeup-less. Makeup-less like NOT in that taxi segment I just linked to. Lol, Jane, you're in total TV-appearance-foxy-blow-out-n-eyelashes mode being all, "I'm gonna adopt a puppy and go to yoga!"

I can lol at this because, for real, she still looks number-one-stunner when she's actually not GAF. She's so casual about her appearance that I totally forget that she shares sample dresses with Amanda Seyfried (stylists come to the office so she can play dress-up with major off-the-runway-as-in-taken-off-of-Karlie-Kloss outfits) and has pro-status makeup artists come to her place to prep for photo shoots.

And that when she talks about Court(e)ney it could either mean Cox or Love. AHHH inappropriate joke is forming. Trying. To. Keep. Writing... It was actually the gorgeous Courteney Cox that intro'd Jane to Mila Moursi, a super-prestigious skincare expert straight outta Hollywood by way of Paris.

She's got the A-list West Coast clientele (as in Aniston, Bullock, Bergen, Biel...), along with major cult status on lock, and recently made a fan of Jane while in NYC. Jane's beauty raves are few and far between, what with, you know, running a huge website that covers THE FULL SPECTRUM of women's issues rather than focusing just on beauty and all; so when she recommends a brand, you know it's kind of a big deal. (More info and super famous name drop from Jane herself here.)

She put me in touch with Mila, who was sweet enough to send samples my way (review to come!), and offered to gift one of our beloved readers (you) with a Dual Action Kit to test out as well! It's basically what they hook their hot spa clients up with when they need their regimen in travel sizes. You'll be getting the new Dual Action Serum, Cleansing Foam, and Balancing Toner.

The kit is great for those with younger or combination skin, as the serum has a high concentration of anti-aging benefits (Mila suggests starting early--like in your 20s--to stave off signs of aging rather than fighting to reverse them once they appear), along with moisturization, but without the weight of a heavy cream.

If that sounds like your jam, we made entering this contest super-easy. Just...

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  • In the comments section below, tell me what you think was the most fabulous thing that Jane did this past weekend. Think: private dinner hosted by celeb ginger/chef, Mario Batali. (Which actually happens.)
  • Do this by THIS Thursday 7/25 by 5:00 p.m. ET. We'll randomly pick a winner and announce it in the newsletter that goes out Friday morning.
  • Live in the US. (Sorry, international readers. We love you, swear!)
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Good luck! Can't wait to try this stuff with you!