Shower Like A Hot Sicilian: The Humble Fruit That Has Dual-Action Beautifying Benefits

Lemons are cheap, cute, and literally everywhere.
Publish date:
November 21, 2013
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For Deodorizing

On occasion, nature causes myself or one of my hot colleagues to have stinky pits, which is not the greatest when it comes to earning tips. Enter something that's available in EVERY bar, restaurant, and corner store: LEMONS! To the rescue!

I've experienced so many times when an unsuspecting server bud, bartender, or stylist would have a crisis of deodorant absence or failure. (Even my knockout hippie combo stuff fails me from time to time in 90-degree heat, during a double shift, or whilst enjoying time of leisure after said double shift.) But we all share this lovely tip: just wipe a lemon on the smelly area, then pat dry.

Remember that lemon juice can be bad for the skin; many of us try to be careful of lemon juice’s photosensitivity or potential to irritate when applied to skin that is then exposed to sunlight. But aside from avoiding the delicate facial area and UV exposure, the cleansing action of acidic lemons is great for a rubdown as long as you rinse after. (I just allow my armpit sweat to take care of the rinsing action.)

Citrus takes 7-8 hours to work through the body, so doing this at night avoids accidental sun exposure. When you work at night you tend to sleep all day anyway, so I wasn’t too concerned.

For Exfoliating

My family is of Sicilian heritage, so I really enjoy watching movies that are set in Sicily, as I have never visited that far south in Italy and it has a culture of its very own. Sicily is known as a productive agricultural society, with a warm to hot Mediterranean climate to support not only a huge variety of produce, but bountiful harvests. Both Sicily and Naples are known for their production of lemons, and I can tell you from personal experience that you can basically eat a lemon like it is an orange during the peak of the summer in beautiful Sorrento and Capri. It is sweet and heavenly, and they make everything out of it. Limoncello is f-ing delicious, I don’t care what anyone says!

One movie that kept me up all night was Giuseppe Tornatore’s Malena. Monica Bellucci stars as a provoked, taunted woman, who suffers for her beauty. It is a complex and poignant story of an era and a culture that I am very grateful to have been spared growing up in. I will tell you, however, that my instinct to occasionally use a lemon to scrub down before a shower was confirmed as culturally-influenced when I saw Malena soaping up her ‘limones’ with limones! This scene probably sparked a hundred fantasies-- it was pretty racy, but she looks like a sultry forlorn Sicilian signora, using the fruit from her tree to make herself smell nice in the torrid days of World War II.

Current skin knowledge says that you don’t want to leave undiluted lemon juice on the skin for too long, but if you are doing it before a shower you'll be fine applying it for a short period of time. Citric Acid is an alpha hydroxy acid, which will dissolve dead skin cells. This can also cause irritation or burns on sensitive babies, so please be aware of your own skin’s needs. You can dilute lemon juice with distilled water to raise the pH.

Take a note from a fictional 40’s babe and freshen up naturally, its super simple and smells like summer.