My Legs Are Too Hot To Cover Up When It's Cold Out

The one product (and wishful thinking) that let me bare my legs in the most brutal temperatures.
Publish date:
March 14, 2013
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As you probably know, since you're here reading this, xoVain debuted a couple weeks ago. The morning of the launch event, I knew exactly what I was going to wear: a short, backless, yet structured Tibi dress and sky-high nude sandals.

I threw on my winter coat and was out the door. I got quite a few stares, but I’m a young, attractive female living in NYC, so I’m pretty used to it. After a few blocks, though, I noticed that all the stares were clearly zoomed in on my legs.

It wasn’t until after the event that I was walking to a nearby cafe with Marci and she said what all the onlookers had probably been thinking: “It’s so freakin' cold out, Olga. Are your legs completely bare?”

“Yeah," I replied, "but they look good.” And sometimes (read: all the times) that's the only thing that matters.

OK, so it was 40 degrees tops outside and still technically winter and, yes, I was, in fact, really cold. I admit it. Are you happy? (I may be from Russia, but I’m not immune to winter.) But I’m really getting sick of covering myself up in layers upon layers of clothing when I’ve spent the last two months working out for my life.

The world needs to see how stunning my legs look. Now.

I read somewhere that cold air (or was it cold water?) is good for your skin, so baring your legs in March may actually be healthy, maybe. Whatever, I’m sticking to it. I mean, when I’m cold, I move faster to get to where I’m going, so I'm getting some decent exercise, right?

I've found that moisturizing the hell out of my legs before venturing outside will help lessen the sting of the wind chill. Have you ever walked outside in the cold with bare, raw, un-moisturized legs? Just thinking about it hurts!

I’m obsessed with Lancome Nutrix Royal Body. This body cream is so rich and protective, it will legit make your skin feel like silk. I want to take a bath in it. When you apply, rub rub rub. Give your shins, calves and thighs a nice massage. It’ll help get your blood circulating, which will better prepare your legs for tolerating the cold.

Bonus points if you do three reps of squats. Really get the blood moving.

Another technique I employ frequently to help me deflect not only poor weather but just about any sort of situation I find annoying, is to just imagine I’m walking on a beach in a bikini. I imagine the beach because it makes me think of warmth, and I imagine myself in a bikini because I’m a narcissist.

Seriously though, I’m really over this cold weather. I can’t wait for it to get hot and humid so I can wear just enough clothes to keep me from getting arrested. But until then, I'll continue to bare my legs in spite of the temperature. You're welcome.

Do you ignore the weather to flaunt your best feature?