Magic Band-Aids For Scab-Pickers Like Me

These Advanced Healing Band-Aids are freakish and weird and MAGICAL.
Publish date:
June 30, 2014
band-aid, blister, cuts, injury, scrapes

Every person has a personal vanity, a favorite feature that needs to be accented and perfected in order to feel beautiful. I always love reading articles about some idiosyncratic fragrance that smells powdery and mysterious, or a makeup indulgence that feels sultry and luxurious. Beauty is whatever makes you comfortable and confident--we've all got our thing, ya know?

But sometimes shit happens and our vanity is disrupted.

Last week, we Chicagoans were treated to a weather cocktail of one part overcast clouds, one part high humidity, and two parts terribly hot weather stirred with 20 mph winds and garnished a thunder storm.

The upside to this weather is that I’ve been able to wear my favorite sundresses and shorts while biking to and from work. I am seriously vain about my legs. They are my force majeure, my créme de la créme, the pan to my au chocolat. L’JAMES, C’EST MOI! You get the idea. I really like my legs because they are strong and can take me places that sell chocolate and croissants.

I can also be a total baby when they get hurt. Every time I fall down, I disinfect, apply antibiotic cream, and cover the scrape with a bandage. Inevitably, the bandage will slide off my leg of its own accord, either two sweaty bike-miles later or in the shower that evening. After a day or two of bandage slippage, I give up and let the wound scab over. Then I’ll alternate between rubbing and picking at the scab until I get the worst scarring over what was originally the tiniest of scrapes. It’s a pathetic cycle, but I can’t stop.

Or at least I couldn’t until my boyfriend recommended Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister Cushion thing-ums. Seriously, there aren’t enough gifs in the world to tell you how I feel about these bandages. It’s like a euphoric blend of manic kitty, enthusiastic Emma Stone, and cultish adoration.

These cushions come with instructions that I read first and was glad that I had. You should never cut these bandages because they will leak advanced healing magic all over and nobody wants that. They are also not recommended for folks with diabetes, fragile skin, or circulation problems.

Let me show you how they work.

I’ve never used these on actual blisters, as per their intended use, but they’ve worked swell on small cuts and scrapes. I love them so much that I carry one in my bike essentials kit. Thanks to these little buddies, my legs are gonna be scar-free all summer long.

Have you ever used these magic Band-Aids? Are you an obsessive compulsive scab-picker, too?