3 Skincare Products That Use Avocado In Unexpected Ways

You can find avocado oil in ever-so-many facial moisturizers, but some of the best avocado-based formulas serve a different purpose.

There are two things about avocados you don't have to tell me because I already know:

• It's a great ingredient choice for face creams because it's full of nutrient-rich moisture.

• It costs extra to get guacamole in my Chipotle Burrito Bowl, and I don't care--it's worth it.

But let's focus on the former.

You can find avocado oil--considered by many to be the most moisturizing fruit oil--in ever so many moisturizers due to its fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. But why should your dry-ass cheeks have all the fun? (Note where the hyphen is in "dry-ass cheeks," please.)

Three products recently caught my eye because of their use of avocado for purposes other than moisturizing your general visage. They're alternative, man. They're the Soundgarden of avocado skincare products.


You know this eye cream has avocado in it without even having to read the tiny list of ingredients on the jar because it gets top billing in the product title. If this eye cream were a movie, the avocado would be Sandra Bullock.

If your primary under-eye concern is dryness, Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is a perfect choice, especially if your skin leans sensitive. It's a very gentle formula, because avocado oil is so darn skin-friendly; and with a little help from shea butter, avocado's moisturizing abilities are taken to the next level.


I would make out with Marc Jacobs if he let me, which he would not, for a number of entirely reasonable reasons. Aside from being my favorite designer for umpteen years now, and being handsome as heck, his makeup line is all sorts of awesome, so I can't help but be a tiny bit in love with him.

Hypothetically, if I were in a situation in which kissing Marc Jacobs is a thing I'm allowed to do, I would definitely wear his very own Lip Lock Moisture Balm. It's super-smooth and colorless, making it an excellent pre-color moisturizing step.

Why is it so moisturizing? Avocado oil! Are you not paying attention? What the hell.

Additionally, this lip balm is packed with various natural oils that can only wish to be as moisturizing as their co-ingredient, avocado oil--but they definitely help.

It also has a minty scent that makes lips even more inviting. But remember to reapply it if you do, in fact, mash faces with someone. It's got SPF 18.


OK, so we've established pretty solidly that avocado is moisturizing. In fact, that was the 11th time I typed a variation of the word moisture in this article (12). But it actually has another secret power that I saved for last.

I'm sure you're plenty familiar with zit spot treatments that contain salicylic acid, which this one--TURO Skin Anti-Acne Spot Treatment--does. But the clarifying potential of this formula is enhanced by a special form of avocado oil: butyl avocadate.

Butyl avocadate is an ester from avocado oil, and while avocado oil "proper" moisturizes skin, this derivative actually helps reduce excess sebum. Fighting oil with oil, y'all.

For some reason. TURO Skin is marketed to dudes, but there's no reason ladies can't enjoy the benefits of this spot treatment. It has a matte finish, doesn't irritate as it exfoliates, and inhibits the bacteria that gets in the way of healing; those definitely aren't just manly interests.

What's your favorite product containing avocado? Guacamole is a totally legitimate answer, especially on Cinco de Mayo.