Quick Question: Are You Into Beauty Supplements?

Do you pay more attention to the promises or the ingredients? Or have you written them all off as poppycock?
Publish date:
August 5, 2013
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You guys know I like my beauty with a heaping side of science, so I approach most skincare products with a lot of scrutiny if not skepticism. This is especially true of supplements.

I can't recommend or discredit the entire beauty-supplement category. Some are definitely BS, while others definitely offer benefits; but it's important to remember that those benefits are linked to your expectations. A beauty supplement will never do as much to your epidermis as a product you apply directly to it, so if you want a vitamin and extract concoction to make your fine lines disappear, you're going to be disappointed considering that not even the most powerful prescription retinoid can fully erase wrinkles.

That said, some well-thought-out supplements are excellent at... well... supplementing a topical beauty regimen. Take, por ejemplo, Bliss's new powdered drink thingy, blisslabs nutricosmetics triple oxygen 'glow' sticks radiance-revving beauty supplement is this product title over yet? It's a Metamucil-esque mix that you put in your water to give "a boost to both your complexion and your energy level."

Will you bounce off the walls, propelled by tangible rays of light beaming from your face? No. But you're doing your system a pretty decent favor by giving it a dose of some supportive ingredients that you may or may not be getting from other sources.

Those ingredients include vitamin C, potassium, polyphenols, some fancy-ass fungi, several kinds of teas and berry extracts, and, oh, just 16,000% of your daily vitamin B12 (which may make your pee glow in the dark--fun!).

So, considering that most of us aren't sitting around drinking four kinds of tea, eating only high-antioxidant fruit, and giving ourselves B12 shots, it's a pretty good way to bolster your exterior efforts. (And it's only 10 calories, so there's no trade-off for those of you counting those.)

What do you think? QQ: Are you into beauty supplements? Do you pay more attention to the promises or the ingredients? Or have you written them all off as poppycock?