Can A Juiced Up Anti-Aging Sticker Fade My Forehead Wrinkles?

Wrinkle tape has been around for years, but these new-to-market anti-aging patches take the idea a step further.
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January 27, 2015
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I haven’t decided what the future holds for me regarding cosmetic procedures. Will I become a Botoxer or a filler? Will I be as into my future wrinkles as I am my multiplying gray hairs? Only time will answer these questions. But when it comes to preventative care, getting good at taking care of your skin at 26 is a little late to the party.

If I knew for certain that there was some way to prevent deep wrinkles, would I do it? The short answer is definitely yes. I’m sure many of you who are deep thinkers (or waited too long to get your eyes checked) have an "11" in between your brows. Mine is quite pronounced from ignoring my astigmatism for so long. It doesn’t bother me per se, but I would like to break the habit that is causing it, that much I know for sure. Until that habit-breaking day comes, I've been experimenting with face patches, aka wrinkle tape.

The first wrinkle tape was developed by a company in the late nineteenth century that's still in biz today, making Frownies Wrinkle Patches. These have evolved quite a bit, and newer items such as Furlesse Patches and Facial Smoothies Wrinkle Remover Strips are available for the same purpose. Adhesive tape is placed on a gently stretched area of the skin where you want to soften the appearance of a wrinkle.

This is very much a YMMV (your mileage may vary) situation, but I find the lil' sticky tape pieces so helpful before a photo shoot. Derms and doctors don’t think they are effective, but the masses on MakeupAlley swear by them. One doctor was quoted saying, “What would be a real game-changer is if these patches were infused with anti-aging ingredients. Then the pressure from the adhesive would physically push those ingredients into the skin.” The R & D dermatologists at Rodan + Fields must have been paying attention (the article is from April 2013), because they have done just that.

The Rodan + Fields Acute Care Patch is brand new to the market (released this month), and one of the first products of its kind. My friend April, a Rodan + Fields consultant, sent me a sample of the patches to try. They are curved into a kidney shape and can be used anywhere on the face. You can see that they are a bit more hi-tech than a piece of sticky tape.

These strips have rows of hard "cones" that are filled with peptides and hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid that press into the skin when the patch is adhered. It is recommended to use on clean skin without moisturizer. The patch feels like velcro--it isn’t painful, just prickly. After trying it a second time I believe the design is partially why it works so well.

A pack of 2 patches is $22, so this is not a cheap solution, but considering the cost of injectables, it is definitely more affordable and accessible. I used the patches twice, two weeks apart. Both times I was really happy with the result. I am not anti-wrinkle, but sometimes it bothers me to know that my squinting is what caused the wrinkles between my eyes, not my age or genes.

The patch uses its prickly goodness to deliver a potent dose of HA directly into the skin. This plumping effect happens for me even when I use a toner with hyaluronic acid, so having a patch shove it in there works that much better.

Not a permanent fix, but definitely effective, I could see this being a once-weekly habit if wrinkles aren't your thing--and hey, no shame in that whatsoever. You can purchase Acute Care from Rodan + Fields reps, or get the #basic Smoothies or Furlesse patches online for cheap. I find myself in the school of “Yes, they work, but they aren’t magic." I don’t think everyone needs to "do something" about their wrinkles, but if I can make the effects of years of squinting go bye-bye so easily, you better believe I’m gonna.

  • Anyone else finally get glasses for to be more beautiful?
  • Who has tried these products: Smoothies, Frownies, Furlesse, or Acute Care?

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Photos by Darnell Scott