Weird Skin Care Made With Pig Collagen, Snail Slime & Horse Oil

From pig collagen to snail cream, where do you draw the line at what you put on your face?
Publish date:
December 30, 2014
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Snail Slime

Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know that snail slime is a hot ticket in the Asian beauty world. Snail secretion contains hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, both of which are said to reverse aging and stimulate collagen formation.

I’ve been using this GC Labo toner and ElishaCoy Snail Eye Balm for some time now. Though I haven't experienced any miracles, I’m not breaking out.

The snail eye balm has a creamy yet gel-like texture that sinks into the skin and is quite moisturizing. The jury's still out on dark circle lightening.

Pig Collagen

This Holika Holika Pig Collagen Jelly Pack sleep mask was a gift from my mom. The fact that it contains pig collagen does sort of creep me out, but (as a non-vegetarian) being horrified by the thought of pig in my night cream doesn't exactly gel with my love of crispy bacon.

“Formulated with pig collagen peptide,” the sleeping pack aims to increase skin elasticity as well as hydrate. Unfortunately for pigs, I do like this mask. It smells fresh, and the jelly-like texture smooths beautifully onto the skin. Applying the mask at night and rinsing it away in the morning leaves me with fresher, more moisturized skin than usual. But when it runs out I wouldn't mind looking for a pig-free jelly pack alternative. Any suggestions for lovely sleeping masks?

Horse Oil

Whenever I go into my local Asian beauty shop, Jealousy, I like to ask what their best sellers are. Topping the list is a moisturizer called Guerisson 9 Complex Cream, which, according to my sales associate, has mega healing properties for damaged skin, wrinkles, and acne scars. It smells like orange blossoms and it sinks into my skin like a dream--or at least it did when she smoothed some onto my hand. When she mentioned it was made with horse oil my dreams of soft, smooth skin were interrupted by visions of Black Beauty shedding a single tear. I didn't buy it, but I have to admit that the results intrigued me.

  • Non-vegetarians like me: how do you feel about animal products in your cosmetics?
  • Have you tried products with any of these ingredients? What other animal-derived beauty products have you tried?