The New-To-Target Skin Care Line We're Obsessed With

This all-natural (and very affordable) skin care line gave me a few new faves.

Y’all, if you’re a fan of natural, organic, plant-based skin care, Acure Organics just dropped 13 products at Target that you have to check out. The range (skin, hair, body) offers high-quality ingredients at crazy-good prices (argan oil for $12?!), and the whole line is absent of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates.

I received samples of all of the Acure products being sold at Target, and have separated them into groups based on how much I'm loving (BAE) or not loving them (Blah).


100% USDA Organic Argan Oil

There’s nothing better than straight plant oils for my skin, so I love that Acure offers pure argan oil for such a reasonable price. I’ve been dabbing a few drops around the eyes, at the corners of my mouth, and on my lips to heal up winter flakes and dryness.

Sensitive Facial Cleanser

This is one of the richest, creamiest foaming cleansers I’ve ever used. It’s full of healing oils, like argan and sea buckthorn, but it’s not an oil cleanser. It removes makeup well, and rinses clean without stripping the natural oils from your skin.

Facial Toner Rose + Red Tea

I’m a sucker for anything rose-scented, and even more so for anything hydrating, so what I’m saying is I want to buy gallons of this toner and bathe in it. Red tea and witch hazel keep the skin balanced, while rose, chamomile, and glycerin moisturize and soothe. So much win.

Definitely Feeling It

Moroccan Argan Oil + Argan Stem Cell Shampoo and Conditioner

This sulfate- and silicone-free duo left my hair soft and shiny. The almond-scented shampoo lathers nicely, and the conditioner moisturizes with argan oil and cocoa butter, but it’s still light enough that it doesn’t weigh my curls down. Ladies with curly, dry, or heat-damaged hair will love 'em.

Cell Stimulating Body Wash

It’s abnormal for me to get this excited about a body wash, but this one is sulfate-free, dye-free, and surprise: more oils! Sea buckthorn, argan, and pumpkin seed oils make for a body cleanser that doesn’t cause that NEED. LOTION. NOW. feeling.

Firming Body Lotion

If you’re going to use lotion, you might as well get one with a list of antioxidants so long it’ll make your head spin--gotu kola, CoQ10, and chorella chief among them. This lotion is supposed to help firm your skin, and while I can’t see those effects, it hydrates my skin without feeling greasy.

Could Get With

Night Cream

Acure’s usual cast of high-powered antioxidants show up in this cream, which provides plenty of moisture, feels light on the skin, and dries matte. This would be great to share with the dudes in your life. The only thing that kept me from loving it was the strong lavender scent.

Brightening Facial Scrub

I expected to hate this, what with my vocal preference for chemical exfoliants. This one, though, is milder than most: sea kelp and French green clay are the scrubbing agents. While I wouldn’t use this daily, it did get rid of a stubborn patch of flaky skin around my mouth.

Eye Cream

Tons of antioxidants like edelweiss and goji berry help slow down aging, and CoQ10 helps de-puff. It’s a very light cream, though, so it won’t provide intense moisture if that’s what your eyes need.


Seriously Firming Serum

This just wasn’t made for my skin. While the high-oleic blend of safflower, sesame, pumpkin seed, and borage oils would be great for dry, aging skin, it wouldn’t do my acne-prone skin any favors.

Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes

I really wanted to love these sulfate-free wipes that use olive, argan, grape seed, and sesame oils to gently remove makeup. Unfortunately, my skin has never gotten along with wipes and these were no exception. They made my skin sting. (But xoVain editor April tried them, too, and felt no sting whatsoever, so there's that.)

Day Cream

This cream is packed with antioxidants like gotu kola and chlorella to prevent aging. Oddly though, this was much heavier and thicker than the line’s night cream, and it was slow to absorb into my skin, which left me feeling greasy.

  • Will you be picking up any products from Acure?
  • What are your favorite, wallet-friendly natural skin care brands?