These 2 Beverages Totally Cleared My Skin

Except for drinking these, I changed nothing about my skincare routine or (questionable) diet. Controlled variables and stuff.
Publish date:
July 29, 2013
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I recently took a vacation in which I ate almost exclusively bread, cheese, and airport Pringles. As you can probably guess, my skin was none too happy with that arrangement, and the acne that I had been tenuously suppressing since my teens came back with a vengeance.


I didn’t make the situation any better by constantly picking at it, though. (I know it’s terrible, but I have no self control).

Once I got home and realized the mess I had made of my skin, I decided to clean up my diet. LOL! No I didn’t. Bread and cheese 4Eva. But I did need a little extra help getting my skin under control outside of my normal skincare arsenal.

When browsing the tea aisle at Whole Foods, (which, let’s face it, is the only aisle I go in at Whole Food$) I happened upon two teas that promised clear skin and infinite beauty upon drinking them. Really just the first one though.

So I picked up Yogi Tea’s Skin Detox and the Republic of Tea’s Get Gorgeous and decided to see if they would really work. Skin Detox is a green tea base with cleansing herbs burdock, yellow dock, and red clover, which support the liver when you’ve been shoveling mass amounts of processed food in your body like I have.

It also has rose petals and hibiscus flowers, which are supposed to soothe the skin according to Ayurveda but mostly just taste delicious. The antioxidants in the green tea are also touted for making you glowy and gorgeous.

Get Gorgeous also claims triple-threat status, with an antioxidant-rich (and caffeine-free) rooibos base to prevent aging, chamomile to soothe irritation and the same cleansing herbs as Skin Detox. This tea also includes chasteberry, which, according to the National Institutes of Health is a “traditional remedy for menstrual problems, such as premenstrual syndrome, as well as for symptoms of menopause, some types of infertility, and acne.” So it may help balance the hormones that cause those awful PMS breakouts.

This tea is also supposed to be berry-flavored but tasted kind of bitter to me. Oh well, anything for beauty.

I tested the teas for two weeks, drinking a cup of Skin Detox in the morning and Get Gorgeous at night. While my diet was off the rails and some awful jet lag kept me from getting my beauty sleep, I do think they helped my skin recover.

I was skeptical at first, but I actually saw results, with the tea being the only thing in my routine that I changed over those two weeks. They accelerated the healing of my picked-at spots and I noticed an overall glow and improved tone to my skin.

They also seemed to reduce my monthly pre-period breakout. I think these teas may become part of my rotation at least during that time of the month, which has a habit of fomenting insurrection in my normally well-behaved skin. Plus, it helped me to stop picking at it because there was far less to pick.

With a fix this cheap and easy (and in the case of Skin Detox, yummy), it’s worth a shot!

Does your diet affect your skin? What foods or beverages give you see-able results?