6 Scents Perfect For Your Fall And Winter Fragrance Rotation

It's time to toss your spring and summer scents in storage and whip out your more sultry fragrances.
Publish date:
October 23, 2013
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I have an entire drawer filled with bottles of fragrances I've accumulated over recent years, which has now spilled over onto various flat surfaces in my bedroom and bathroom. That doesn't even include my horde of sample vials. Their clinking-clanking against each other is like music to my ears.

Like most people, I tend to switch up my perfumes depending on the season. Spring and summers, I wear light scents with notes of various exotic-sounding fruits. Winter and fall call for warm and sensual fragrances with a more weighty quality.

Dior Hypnotic Poison

Notes: bitter almond, caraway spice, sambac jasmine, cinnamon, tuberose, vanilla, musk, mosses, jucarunda wood.

I'm going to hazard a guess that a lot of you may already own this one, or have at least smelled it. It's definitely a contender for "holy grail of cold-weather perfume" status.

Hypnotic Poison is full-bodied with impressive depth. Sephora calls it a "magic potion of modern times" and "an unsettling harmony; a fusion of contrastic olfactery facets." Basically, it's very sexy and womanly.

With that said, it's difficult for me to explain Hypnotic Poison to someone who's never worn it or smelled it, as this fragrance has a sort of "can't put your finger on it" quality to it. I think that's what makes it so well received, though. I can tell you that the initial spitz leans sweet, but the dry-down leaves you with more of a silky vanilla-meets-musky-powder scent. It's great for both day and night wear and I give it an A+ for longevity.


Notes: lychee, red berries, bergamot, black pepper, jasmine, tiger lily, cardamom, sandalwood, black vanilla.

Bon Genre is the third and final perfume in a series by BCBGMAXAZRIA. I haven't tried the signature scent, but I did own a bottle of the Bon Chic, which I tried to like, but ultimately ended up giving away. It pushed that fine line between sweet femininity and cloying (not nearly as bad as Pink Sugar, though).

Anyway, this new fragrance was a pleasant surprise. When I first started wearing it, I found myself catching whiffs throughout the day, forgetting I had sprayed it, and thinking to myself, "What is that amazing smell!?" When that happens with a new perfume, you know it's a winner.

It's lighter and fruitier than any of the other scents I'm listing today, but still retains that sultry, sensual quality you need in a fall or winter fragrance. The dry down is warm with a spicy kick and it has great lasting power.

Natori EDT

Notes: aldehydes, rose, plum, jasmine, ylang ylang, peony, musk, patchouli and amber.

I picked up this Natori fragrance last fall and have deemed it my "sexy date night" perfume. It's a lighter remake of the original Natori perfume launched in the 1980s, but that intoxicating quality of the former has been well preserved.

The initial spray is remarkably rich and sensual with notes of velvety plums soaked in a mixture of patchouli and musk. The dry down leaves you with a much softer, powdery scent that makes you feel equal parts vampy and equal parts dough-eyed maiden.

This one's a very mature, adult scent, but fret not, for it doesn't delve into grandma territory.

Demeter PMUs in Cinnamon Bark and Hot Toddy

I was introduced to Demeter Pick-Me-Up (PMU) sprays way back in late junior high/early high school and have been obsessed ever since. I mean, where else can you find a fragrance that smells like paperback books, dirt or banana flambe? They even have a scent called "funeral home," which I totally owned at one point (notes include various flowers, mahogany wood and carpet).

Today I'm dishing on two that I think are perfect for the upcoming cold months: Cinnamon Bark and Hot Toddy.

Cinnamon Bark is a scent I find myself reaching for often lately. As you'd expect, it's very cinnamon-y, but in a perfumed way, if that makes sense. It's definitely more spicy than it is sweet and the dry down is earthy and fall-ish. This fragrance practically begs you to wear it to a bonfire.

The Hot Toddy is sweeter with a warm, creamy caramel quality to it. I find it to be a surprisingly relaxing scent, just like an actual Hot Toddy. For those unaware, a Hot Toddy is a variation of the time-old adult beverage dubbed "Hot Buttered Rum."

In my experience, Demeter PMUs don't last as long as other perfumes, but they're so inexpensive that I really don't mind. If you reapply once in the morning and once in the afternoon, you'll be good to go.

Tocca Margaux

Notes: blood orange, bergamot blossom, cassis, green gardenia, black jasmine, ambery violet, cashmere woods, warm musk, benzoin, vanilla, heliotrope.

I think I own almost every single perfume Tocca has ever made. I even own multiples of the same. How does that happen? Anyway, I was so freaking excited to get my hands on their newest scent, "Margaux," which I can tell is going to get some heavy rotation in my perfume cycle this fall and winter.

Margaux almost has a vintage quality to it. I imagine early 20th century French women powdering their noses and spritzing their pulse points with perfume that smelled just like this one. It leads with an ambery, musky note and features glimmers of spicy florals and the faintest hint of citrus. It's an exceptionally beautiful fragrance.

This one also has great depth and longevity. In fact, you really only need one spritz to last you most of the day.

Obviously I'm always looking for more perfumes. Got any fall/winter favorites you want to share?