The Caffeinated, Cruelty-Free Eye Cream That Makes It Easier To Pretend I Slept Well

I don't drink coffee, but putting it on my face is another story.
Publish date:
March 6, 2014
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My idea of beauty is simple: be
healthy, and beauty is pretty much taken care of. That starts with lots of water, a good diet,
exercise, laughing a bunch, avoiding things that I know mess up my face, and
getting a solid eight every night. Hours of sleep, you guys. Heavens!

Some of the things I avoid for the
sake of my skin are coffee and booze. I can’t explain it, but whenever I drink
coffee or alcohol, my skin freaks out. I get tiny, bumpy patches all over my
forehead and chin instantaneously. No
coffee, no booze, and I have no issues. I love coffee, and I still drink it on
occasion, but I switched to Earl Grey indefinitely.

So when 100% Pure sent me their Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, I was curious if it would freak my skin out the way its beverage counterpart does.

Caffeine is popular in cosmetics because it’s
readily absorbed by the skin and causes temporary vasoconstriction in areas.
This is supposed to firm the skin around the eye, reducing puffiness and constricting
the blood vessels that show through as under-eye shadows. Steve Buscemi is a
great actor, but he is why this product exists.

The eye cream is 100% vegan, and
the main ingredients are aloe juice, rosewater, rose hip oil and green coffee
extract. As someone who had eye pouches the moment I turned 26, I am pretty
excited to see if it actually works, but since I’ve been taken by the Snake Oil
before, I’m pretty skeptical.

Last night, I only got five hours of
sleep; partially because Law & Order is infinite and I have no
self-control, and also because every night there’s a flipping cat parade on my
face. I know I don’t pet you enough, but 3am is NOT THE TIME, NIPSEY.

Well, the proof is in the pudding.
I mean eye cream.

First of all, it smells like ice cream, and
has a creamy texture that absorbs fast and isn’t so greasy that I have to blot it
before putting on makeup. I smoothed some around my eyes using my ring finger,
waited about 20 minutes, and snapped another photo.

I felt like I could FEEL my
upper-eye puffiness deflate. It usually takes a few hours, at least, to beat the
wretchedness of eye puffiness in the morning, and I feel like it somehow
plumped or just tightened up the area under my eyes as well. I didn’t feel like
I was holding the weight of my eyebrows on my lids anymore, so I think it

I think I’m hooked--especially for
nights when I wish I’d slept more but want to look like I’m extra-sharp. Can
you tell a difference? Am I just imagining it?