The Colors Are Great, But Let's Talk About the Six Finishes of Urban Decay's New Vice Lipsticks

120, you read that right, 120 new shades have just hit stores. Brights, bolds, darks, metallics, and even insane glitters.
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July 15, 2016

I know I talk a lot about brands putting out eyeshadow palettes left and right, but you know I'm just jealous because I don't use eyeshadow often, on my eyes, at least.

I guess I can quit whining because this year, almost every brand, and I mean every brand, is revamping their lipsticks. Kara and I discussed this in a Get Ready With Us video that I shot with her for you guys but can't post for "legal reasons" (KARA, FREE ME), but if you've been inside any beauty store within the last six months, you'll know we have a lot of ground to cover this year.

The big launch that everyone has been talking about is the new Urban Decay Vice lipsticks. 120, you read that right, 120 new shades have just hit stores. Brights, bolds, darks, metallics, and even insane glitters. They're definitely worth combing through to see what colors catch your eye.

The lipsticks are housed in tubes inspired by a shotgun shell, reminiscent of the original Urban Decay lipstick casing, a relic that should have been left in the past. In 2016, perhaps we could model our lipstick packaging after anything but bullets. Maybe I have no sense of humor, or maybe the punchline is getting lost in the headlines.

But, the colors. How in the hell am I supposed to cover 120 colors? Where would I even start?

Just kidding. If anyone could, I could.

What I'm more interested in spotlighting is the finishes. I can almost guarantee that your favorite color will be somewhere in the collection, but if I hadn't been sent some of these, I would have overlooked some of the finishes that are really worth talking about, so that's what we're going to do today.

FYI: I didn't line any of these. I normally would, but I wanted to showcase the color and opacity all on their own.

Cream: Interrogate — a medium peachy tan

The creams are exactly what a lipstick should be. They glide on smoothly, leave a dense trail of color behind, are comfortable on the lips, and wear well for hours.

Doesn't that even look comfortable? It's more peach than I'd usually go for, for sure. On the bullet, it looked a little more cool toned and muted, but on the lips, the peach tones really came out. A lot of brands are putting out more peachy nudes right now, so this is sure to be a hot color. Not my usual, but I like it a lot more than I thought I would.

The creams have a soft shine that, after hours of wear, turns into almost a demi-matte. The shine wore away a bit, but the color did not. The creams are a hit.

Mega Matte: Crash — bright orange

This is a home run in terms of matte lipsticks. It glides on smoothly, and once it's applied, it's there to stay. It's a very opaque lipstick, which, when paired with the matte finish, reflects no light and makes the color pop off of your lips.

It's very comfortable, feels smooth, not clingy, and doesn't dry you out. The Mega Mattes aren't totally transfer-proof, but they'll leave their stamp on others without fading on the lip. I mean, they won't last through a make-out session, but kisses and wine glasses won't fade the color.

Comfort Matte: Blackmail — deepest black cherry

Man, I don't know what my problem was, but I could not get the comfort matte to apply properly, and I know how to apply a lipstick. Trust. It wasn't even that there was a whole lot of drag, like you'll find with some matte lipsticks, or that the color itself was difficult to apply. It wasn't. I just kept coloring way outside the lines with this one. I don't really think it was a user error, but I can't blame it on the lipstick either. It was just...difficult.

I ended up applying it with a lip brush, which worked perfectly, and we were back in business. I really love the color. On the bullet, it looks brown; on the skin, it's a blackened red-purple.

I normally would have lined a color as dark as this to ensure clean lines and even wear, but as I said, to really show off the formula, I did not. To call it "patchy" would be to sell it short, because with a color as dark as this, you almost have to line it if you want even color. I often like how dark lipsticks wear down, the grungy, give-no-fucks attitude of a dark — but not perfectly uniform — lip. After a few hours, it was still dark, and the lines were still crisp (which is one of the marks of a good lipstick, when used without liner) but some of the color had lifted on certain parts of my lips. Personally, I still loved how it looked, and I don't fault the product for it.

Overall, I love the Comfort Matte formula — when it's finally on, that is. I still don't know what my problem was, but it's not going to stop me from breaking this one back out with a liner or buying more colors in the same finish.

Metallic: Big Bang — a sheer fuchsia base with hot pink glitter

When I saw Big Bang, I was like "Nope. Get that away from me."

When I deigned to let it touch my lips, I was like "YES."

Not to undermine my own sexuality here, but I'm not a glitter guy. Nothing glittery or iridescent, please. I don't even like metallic nail polish. Aside from my highlighter addiction, which is getting pretty serious, I like to keep all shine to a minimum.

Big Bang totally makes me rethink all of that.

I didn't think that there was any way that this could be flattering, and I guess I'm not sure it is. But it's COOL, and that's what matters. It looks amazing.

The glitter payoff is intense and immediate. The bullet is packed with glitter, and it lays it down on the lips without any trouble.

I like to build it up with a couple of passes, but even after one or two, you get a high-shine layer of glitter. It really doesn't fuck around.

The star of the show is the glitter, so the sheer lipstick that it's housed in will tint your lips, but it won't give you full color coverage. This is so that when it's built up, you get layers of multidimensional glitter, so it's a fair exchange, truthfully. I'd almost venture to say that you get full coverage from glitter alone.

Look, I figured out how to make a Boomerang to show you the lip in all its glory.

The craziest thing is that the glitter wears well, stays put, and doesn't migrate around your face or off your lips. This shit stays down. I expected it to settle into my lip lines, but it didn't! It wore insanely well. I tried it with a liner of the same color which actually ended up deadening the glitter, so these are best used by themselves.

Glitter lips are hard to apply and hazardous to wear, or they were. Not anymore. These could be a launch all their own, they're that good. Wear one to my funeral.

I guess I like glitter lips now?

Sheer: Liquid — a sheer chocolate cherry brown

I'm suddenly into sheer lipsticks this summer, and Liquid is the perfect shade for me. Sheer, but dark, so there's still some color payoff there.

When they say sheer, they mean it. You have complete control of color and coverage here. You can build up the color, but never to opacity; your natural lips will always show through, which is the point.

I love Liquid. I built it up with five or six passes. The finish, along with being sheer, is pretty glossy, so the sheer, dark shine made my lips look plump and subtly vampy. If I'm going to mess with a sheer, it's going to be as dark a shade as possible.

I was disappointed in the wear, though. After only two or three hours, the lipstick loses a lot of its moisture, becoming noticeably sticky, along with losing quite a bit of its pigment. I didn't eat or drink anything, or kiss anyone while wearing this, but after not even four hours, the color was as good as gone. I didn't have this problem with Urban Decay's Sheer Revolution Lipsticks, which launched in January 2015, so it's odd that these wouldn't be as good, or better. It's a shame because I do love Liquid when applied, but I wouldn't want to worry about reapplying all day.

Sheer Shimmer: Seismic — a sheer grape with red micro shimmer

The Sheer Shimmers are just as sheer as the Sheers, but...OK this is redundant but they're sheer with shimmer.

The good news: For some reason, this wore better on me than the normal sheers! It applied just as sheer and shiny, but stayed wet and cushiony on the lip throughout wear, never drying out or getting sticky!

The bad news: Hard as I tried, I didn't notice any shimmer. You can see it on the bullet, for sure, and it's gorgeous, but on the lip, it got lost in the product.

The wear was a lot more consistent and comfortable with the Sheer Shimmer, though, and shimmer or not, it's definitely one I'll be putting on again when I'm in the mood for a sheer lip.

Have you tried any of the new Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks? Which ones? Let's chat in the comments.

Tynan is wearing glitter lips on Twitter @TynanBuck.