Attention ‘00s Kids – I Can’t Stop Wearing Frosty Opal Lip Gloss

I am a lover of all things holographic - Pokémon cards, Nick Lachey’s frosted tips, and of course, iridescent opal lip gloss.
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July 8, 2015
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I guess I qualify as a ‘90s kid, but I wasn’t an active participant in pop culture or style trends until the early 2000s. That being said, I am a lover of all things metallic, frosty, and subjectively futuristic looking. Holographic Pokémon cards, Nick Lachey’s frosted tips, and of course my birth stone – the beautiful opal.

I’m taking a break from my signature dusty rose lip liner for a trend that I can’t shut up about: iridescent opal lip gloss.

My new obsession served as a great opportunity to peer pressure Marci into taking pictures of me wearing my favorite new shades. I needed a new profile picture, okay?

BITE Beauty Opal Créme Lipgloss

Nice and icy, like S Club 7’s “Never Had A Dream Come True” music video. BITE Beauty’s new Opal Créme lip gloss appears frosty white in the tube, but warms up on the skin with pink and lavender shimmer. Since eating lip gloss is just one of the things that comes along with wearing it, you’ll feel comforted to know that BITE lip products are edible.

Yep, they contain organic and natural ingredients in addition to the antioxidant resveratrol (which is in wine!!! Yay wine!!). Perfect for making out.

Sigma Lip Switch in Transcend, $14

Photos do not do this gloss justice. It looks like a galaxy in a tube. This Sigma Lip Switch smells exactly like Vanilla Liquid Lip Smackers from middle school – it tastes pretty sweet too. However, instead of feeling like the sticky hair magnet glosses of my misguided youth, the consistency is more similar to a moisturizing balm. Like the long lasting Opal Créme gloss, this doesn’t leave your lips feeling gritty or gross after a few hours.

The opalescent flecks in both chameleon glosses catch light beautifully and change shade depending on the setting. Just look at how purple Sigma’s Lip Switch appeared under the artificial office lighting in the picture below.

Do you like? I do because my teeth look mad white. OH BY THE WAY, this is my 60th xoJane article! Wahoo! Let’s talk about our favorite lip glosses and lip gloss memories from back in the day. OK? Ok.

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